You Really Can't Be Too Rich

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You Really Can't Be Too Rich von Mind Map: You Really Can't Be Too Rich

1. What ideas were important during the time period in the article?

1.1. This article mentions that being rich was apart of the American Dream. In the article it says " Achieving wealth has long been part of the American Dream." They expected you to marry a millionaire, know a rich person or be on TV. So those ideas were important to the people of the American Dream

2. What in the American Dream has stayed the same and what has changed?

2.1. It has stayed the same because you don't ever see anybody else who is rich and who is not a TV star or friends with rich people that is recognized. Like doctors, engineers, innovators don't ever get recognized for being wealthy. It is different because people are actually getting wealthy from different careers other than hollywood.

3. What did they think about the American Dream back then versus what we think about it now?

3.1. Back then the American Dream of wealth was that you have to be a millionaire or be on a TV show or know famous people in order to be rich. But now wealth is having a healthy career that can support you and your family and can be stable

4. Quotes that "take" on the American Dream

4.1. The quotes from the article that "take" on the concept of the American Dream is "but now you're expected to want to marry a millionaire, be a "Survivor, win "American Idol"-- or at least look as if you know people who know Paris Hilton."