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Short / Long von Mind Map: Short / Long

1. Short  Adjectives

1.1. tall

1.1.1. igualdad : carlos is as tall as pedro

1.1.2. Inferioridad : carlos is less tall than andres

1.1.3. superioridad:  carlos  is taller  than me

1.1.4. superlativa : luis is the tellast of my house

1.2. fast

1.2.1. igualdad : this car is as fast as the of my brother

1.2.2. superioridad : the car of my brother is faster that the of neighbor

1.2.3. inferioridad :the car of my neighbor is less fast what the  car of my brother

1.2.4. superlativa : the car of my brother is the more fast the city

1.3. happy

1.3.1. igualdad : veronica is as happy as carmen

1.3.2. superioridad : veronica is happytha his sister

1.3.3. inferioridad : veronica is less happy than his mother.

1.3.4. superlativa : veronica  is  the  of happiest  of class.

1.4. old

1.4.1. igualdad : this dog is as old as the cat of my sister

1.4.2. inferioridad : the oso is less old than the mono

1.4.3. superioridad : my father is older than my mother

1.4.4. superlativo : my shirt is the oldst of my wardrobe

1.5. cheap

1.5.1. igualdad: the shoe is as cheap as this other

1.5.2. inferioridad : the shoe is cheap than the pants

1.5.3. superioridad : the black shoe is cheaper than the white shoe

1.5.4. superlativa : the black shoe is the cheapest shoe of the store

2. Long Adjectives

2.1. difficult

2.1.1. igualdad : math is as difficult as the chemical

2.1.2. inferioridad : math is less difficult tha the physical

2.1.3. superioridad : math is more difficult than the inglish

2.1.4. superlativo : the math is the most difficult of semester

2.2. intelligent

2.2.1. igualdad : jesus is as intelligent as alberto

2.2.2. inferioridad : jesus is less intelligent than daniel

2.2.3. superioridad : jesus is more intelligent than the friend

2.2.4. superlativa : jesus is the most intelligent of the university

2.3. elegant

2.3.1. igualdad : juan is as elegant as his teacher

2.3.2. inferioridad : juan is less elegant than Antonio Bandera

2.3.3. superioridad : juan is more elegant than brother

2.3.4. superlativa : juan is the most elegant of his family

2.4. important

2.4.1. igualdad : my work is as importante as my study

2.4.2. inferioridad : my work is less importante than my family

2.4.3. superioridad : my work is more important than the game

2.4.4. superlativa : my work is the most important of day

2.5. beautiful

2.5.1. igualdad : maria is as beautiful as her mother

2.5.2. superlativa : maria is the most beautiful girl of the school

2.5.3. superioridad : is more beautiful than her friend

2.5.4. inferioridad : maria is less beautiful than her sister