Current Customers

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Current Customers von Mind Map: Current Customers

1. Claims

1.1. Receive Phone Call

1.2. Receive Notification from Company

1.2.1. create task for Agent or CSR make initial phone call Call is Made: Add Tag: Active Claim Auto Add Tag: Active Claim Home Add Tag: Active Claim Other

2. Annual Reviews

2.1. Send Initial Email #1

2.1.1. Yes Sent to calendar to schedule appointment Schedules Appt Doesn't Schedule Appt

2.1.2. No, I'm fine Send to landing page to update or confirm information and acknowledge they are happy with their current policies / coverage.  After confirming, send to a page to give a testimonial or review on google, facebook, etc If completed

2.1.3. Doesn't Click Anytihng Email #3, Re-send link to confirm

3. Claims: The other person

3.1. Email: Understanding the claims process

3.1.1. Send weekly until resolved Satisfied Add tag: Claim - OP Positive Claim Send: Leave a testimonial email Unsatisfied Agent call to do damage control. Try to sell them on our agency Add tag: Claim - OP Negative Claim

4. New Client Onboarding Process

4.1. What's Next Email

4.1.1. If Policy - Home tag Send Email: Video explaining mortgage billing, payment, escrow account, etc

4.2. Send Welcome email from Laura: Video explaining how our office works, reach out to Laura for policy change, billing questions, service requests, EOI to bank or CU, insurance cards, etc

4.3. 1 day later: Send Day After Text

4.3.1. 7 days later: Create task:  Welcome call from Laura 32 Days later: Create Task: Billing Review If billing is good If billing needs attention, Laura to resolve

4.4. Add tag: Current Client

4.5. Add tag: PIR - month , set at 11 months from policy date

4.6. Create task / email: Agent Post Closing Checklist

4.7. Create Task: Laura Post Closing Checklist

4.8. Add tag: Mail Newsletter

5. Policy Change

5.1. Client calls with Service Request

5.1.1. Create Task for service Request, assign to CSR Service Request is processed Changes are sent via Docusign for signature Notes made in EZ

5.2. Submits service request via Website