Atlas Devices

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Atlas Devices von Mind Map: Atlas Devices

1. Milestones

1.1. Milestone 1: Setup and Initial Configurations

1.1.1. Communications Payment Terms Reviewed Milestone Agreement Reviewed Agreement signed Connected to Basecamp

1.1.2. Shopify Setup Ability to easily add/remove products and product info/specs from site Must be Atlas in house capable Logins FTP ADMIN Qualify Shopify CRM

1.1.3. Best Practices Code Tracking SEO Considerations Shopify Customization Conventions Approval Process

1.2. Milestone 2 : Proof of Concepts and Custom Functionality Requests

1.2.1. Direct Comparison Between Products (plus by category)-Including compatibility between products / export to PDF Comparison PDF Options

1.2.2. Filtering-Side Pane NFM/Amazon/REI style. Similar to Refresh Filter Options Product Spreadsheet from client Initial taxonomy provided. Final content for migration to be provided by April 15th. list and grid view for product scrolling Considers for Metric vs Imperial

1.2.3. Cart-to Atlas via sales or [email protected] / "contact our sales" Content for export needs to be tested using "short description" BEFORE add to cart, show related 4 or 5 kit options to add instead - ALSO IN QUICKVIEW window

1.2.4. Contact Atlas w fillout card Form needs to match fields

1.2.5. Export to PDF Functionality Single Product Client will create PDF's for each product Need to ensure there is a Download PDF Button Related Products/Accessories Product Comparisons Adressing unlimited product compare on screen style Addressing unlimited, page break comparisons in print From "Cart" Testing PDF Export views using short descriptions

1.2.6. Product Enquiry Rename Button to "Instant Information Request"?

1.3. Milestone 3 : Design and Front End Customizations

1.3.1. Theme Mobile Experience Mobile Main Navigation Pages Desktop Experience Main Navigation (Menu) Breadcrumbs [Navigation Map] Global Search with Autofill

1.4. Milestone 4

1.4.1. SEO Initialization Competitors Client will be providing list Goals Social Media Content Technical SEO

1.4.2. Client Side User Testing Adding/Editing/Deleting Products Adding/Editing/Deleting Categories Updating Page Content

1.4.3. Content Migration

2. Current Site

2.1. Hardcoded

2.2. Up since 2014

2.3. How many products

2.3.1. 35-ish

2.3.2. 1-5 additions a month

3. Goals

3.1. Make it easier to maintain/modify/update

3.2. Clients need to learn and select

3.2.1. Filtering products [like zappos] For example By Height Super categeorization options Packing Size

3.3. Collect Data and

3.3.1. Get back to clients easier CRM

3.3.2. Drive people to site

4. Resources

4.1. Useful Links

4.1.1. Homepage

4.1.2. Trello

4.1.3. Mindmap

4.1.4. Shopify Theme Notes

4.1.5. Feature Priority List

4.1.6. Asset Repo

4.2. Content

4.2.1. Copy

4.2.2. Video

4.2.3. Graphic In House Designer on Team

4.3. Analytic

4.3.1. Connected to [email protected] account as view

4.4. Future Considerations

4.4.1. not looking for registered users/previous shopping experience records not needed at this time

5. Ghost Product > Accessory

6. Time Review

7. Sales Funnel

7.1. Value

7.1.1. Quality

7.2. To Do

7.2.1. Predictive Search should

7.3. Main Keywords

7.3.1. Tactical Ladders

7.3.2. Powered Ascenders

7.3.3. Tactical Access

7.3.4. VBSS

7.3.5. Tactical Rescue

7.3.6. Aircraft Hoist Not doing well

7.4. Stakeholders

7.4.1. Users Don't care about cost, care about features

7.4.2. Contract Officer Makes call

7.4.3. Contract Buyers Aiming for price

7.5. Ideas

7.5.1. More information link to product specific PDF

7.5.2. A/B Testing options for Wordpress

7.6. SEO Notes

7.6.1. Differentiating Govt vs Commercial Intl vs Domestic Commercial Pro vs Non

7.7. High Level

7.7.1. File Naming Convention

8. Workflows

8.1. Product Attribute Taxonomy

8.1.1. Categories Ascenders Ladders Rigid Flexible Hooks Aluminum Carbon Fiber Titanium CTOMS-TRACE Kits Accessories Hardware Other Harnesses_Belts Tactical Launchers Magnetic Poles Advanced Rollatube Manual Telescopic Ropes Other Static Mission Profiles VBSS DIVE OPERATIONS RESCUE URBAN MOUNTAIN AIRBORNE

8.1.2. Attributes

8.2. Category Taxonomy

8.2.1. Product Type Ascenders Ladders Poles Hooks Launchers Climbing Training? Accessories

8.2.2. Mission Type VBSS Surface Sub Surface GOPLAT Dive Operations Boarding powered ascent ladders tagline

8.2.3. Rescue

8.2.4. high angle rescue

8.2.5. swift water / flood

8.2.6. disaster response

8.2.7. maritime

8.2.8. airborne

8.2.9. Urban

8.2.10. hook and climb

8.2.11. RECCE / SNOT

8.2.12. EOP? (gino, I cant ready what I wrote down –please fill in blank)

8.2.13. emergency / ba…? (gino, I cant ready what I wrote down –please fill in blank)

8.2.14. industrial

8.2.15. Mountain

8.2.16. snow / glacier

8.2.17. rock

8.2.18. adobe / soft wall

8.2.19. Airborne

8.2.20. F.R.I.E.S. and S.P.I.E.S.

8.2.21. rappel

8.2.22. nonstandard aircraft

8.2.23. rotary wing aircraft

8.2.24. fixed wing aircraft

8.2.25. Reach Height 5m 10m 15m 20m 20+m

8.2.26. Construction aluminum titanium carbon fiber

8.2.27. Weight [0.0] - [1000.00] lbs or kg

8.2.28. Brand Atlas Devices REBS

8.2.29. CTOMS

8.2.30. Misty Mountain

8.2.31. Marlow

8.2.32. CMI

8.2.33. Kong

8.2.34. DMM

8.2.35. PMK

8.2.36. Metolius

8.2.37. Sterling Ropes

8.2.38. Blue Water Ropes

8.2.39. Petzl

8.2.40. ROCO Rescue

8.3. Cart to Email Taxonomy

8.3.1. User Product Page Click on Product