Aggregations of time

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Aggregations of time von Mind Map: Aggregations of time

1. Childcare

1.1. Childcare (for kids that are <12y)

1.1.1. Time applying exercises or therapy to child under 12 years

1.1.2. Time attending school meetings, festivals, etc. of a child under 12 years

1.1.3. Time bathing or dressing a child under 12 years

1.1.4. Time feeding a child under 12 years

1.1.5. Time helping or being aware of school homework from a child or teenager

1.1.6. Time paying attention of child under 12 years while he/she is ding anything else

1.1.7. Time playing, talking with child under 12 years

2. Others and Residuals

2.1. Education

2.1.1. Time attending classes

2.1.2. Time attending extra tutoring or pedagogic reinforcement

2.1.3. Time commuting to class centers

2.1.4. Time doing class homework

2.2. Residuals

2.2.1. Time claiming the Human Development Bonus

2.2.2. Time collecting the Bonus for Disabilities (Gallegos)

2.2.3. Time collecting the bonus for retired people

2.2.4. Time collecting the regular bonus for disabilities

2.3. Taking care of disabled or sick home members

2.3.1. Taking care of sick Time accompanying any home member to midwives, therapists, healers appointments Time accompanying any sick home member to a medical center during his/her stay Time dedicated to prepare home remedies for a home member Time taking care of any sick member of the home Time taking, accompanying or picking up any home member to receive medical atten

2.3.2. Taking care of disabled Time accompanying the disabled home member to medical service Time cleaning the disabled home member's room Time feeding or helping a disabled home member to eat Time helping a disabled home member bathing or changing diapers Time helping a disabled home member with a special therapy or healing Time paying attention to a disabled home family member Time preparing special food for disabled home member Time taking care in the night to a disabled home member Time taking care of a disabled home member Time washing or folding a disabled home member's clothes

2.4. Volunteering

2.4.1. Unpaid help to other households Time in unpaid care of people from other households Time in unpaid housework for other households

2.4.2. Community service Time participating in social organizations like citizens meetings, political act Time preparing documentation for a community service Time spent doing (unpaid) domestic activities in an asylum, hospital or orphanage Time spent in community service Time spent teaching free of charge

3. Housework

3.1. External Domestic Activities

3.1.1. Time accompanying any home member to a special training

3.1.2. Time accompanying any home member to an education center

3.1.3. Time accompanying or picking up any home member to work

3.1.4. Time acquiring insurance for the house and vehicle

3.1.5. Time buying household utensils

3.1.6. Time buying medicine for home members

3.1.7. Time buying orthopedic or therapeutic appliances for home members

3.1.8. Time buying school equipment, clothes or shoes for family members

3.1.9. Time completing administrative forms to buy or rent a house, vehicle, or land

3.1.10. Time doing regular shopping (dairy products, cleaning tools) for home

3.1.11. Time doing sporadic shopping for home (e.g. ice, milk, menthol, etc.)

3.1.12. Time in moving activities (moving to another house)

3.1.13. Time making mandatory payments like tuition, bank fees, passport fee, etc.

3.1.14. Time making payments of basic services for home

3.1.15. Time organizing home members' important documents

3.1.16. Time organizing the incomes and expenses of the household

3.1.17. Time rearranging spaces within the house (order closets, terraces)

3.1.18. Time supervising housework activities and deciding over day-to-day activities

3.2. Self-consumption

3.2.1. Time collecting flowers

3.2.2. Time collecting fruits

3.2.3. Time collecting water for the domestic animals

3.2.4. Time collecting water for the land

3.2.5. Time collecting wood, mushrooms, or grass

3.2.6. Time dedicated to agriculture as a hobby

3.2.7. Time dedicated to fishing or hunting

3.2.8. Time doing animal slaughter for home consumption

3.2.9. Time drying grains for home consumption

3.2.10. Time drying meat for home consumption

3.2.11. Time drying sea products for home consumption

3.2.12. Time fabricating or helping fabricating furniture for the household

3.2.13. Time hauling water for home consumption

3.2.14. Time making a ceramics or clay ornament

3.2.15. Time making a tagua or wood ornament

3.2.16. Time making a textile ornament

3.2.17. Time making another type of ornament

3.2.18. Time making clothes for the home members

3.2.19. Time making mazapan handcrafts

3.2.20. Time making shell or coconut ornament

3.2.21. Time milking cows, collecting, hen eggs, shearing sheeps, etc.

3.2.22. Time preparing dairy products for home consumption

3.2.23. Time preparing desserts and jelly for home consumption

3.2.24. Time preparing drinks

3.2.25. Time preparing other food for home consmption: soymilk, plantain based-food, etc

3.2.26. Time preparing whey flour bread or empandas for home consumption

3.2.27. Time taking care of domstic animals like cows, pigs, goats, etc.

3.2.28. Time treshing, toasting, grinding grains for home consumption

3.3. Internal Domestic Activities

3.3.1. Taking care of disabled or sick

3.3.2. Time bringing food to other home members (to school, work, jail)

3.3.3. Time cleaning kitchen or cooking place

3.3.4. Time cleaning the home bathroom

3.3.5. Time cleaning the home members's shoes

3.3.6. Time cleaning the house (excluding bathroom and kitchen)

3.3.7. Time cooking or preparing food

3.3.8. Time dropping off or collecting clothes from laundry service

3.3.9. Time folding and ordering the home members' clothes

3.3.10. Time heating water for bath purposes

3.3.11. Time in home gardening activities

3.3.12. Time ironing the home members' clothes

3.3.13. Time lighting fires for food preparation

3.3.14. Time making the bed or ordering the sleeping place

3.3.15. Time repairing or helping repairing household vehicles

3.3.16. Time repairing the household

3.3.17. Time setting the table and serving food

3.3.18. Time supervising reparation of household

3.3.19. Time taking care home pets

3.3.20. Time taking the trash out

3.3.21. Time washing and drying the dishes

3.3.22. Time washing the home members' clothes

3.3.23. Time washing the vehicle or ''riding'' animal

4. Leisure

4.1. Exercising

4.1.1. Time exercising or playing sports

4.2. Mass Media

4.2.1. Time dedicated just to reading

4.2.2. Time dedicated to using Internet or playing videogames

4.2.3. Time watching television

4.3. Recreation and entertainment

4.3.1. Time carrying out recreation activities or personal improvement

4.3.2. Time doing indoor recreational activities (dancing, going to bard, karaoke)

4.3.3. Time doing recreational activities in a public park

4.3.4. Time playing in the house

4.3.5. Time practicing with a musical instrument or in cultural activities

4.4. Rest and meditation

4.4.1. Time dedicated to rest (no sleep) or just listen to the radio

4.4.2. Time doing religious activities and/or praying

4.5. Social coexistence

4.5.1. Time attending a baptism, wedding, funeral, or related activities

4.5.2. Time hanging out with friends or romantic partner

4.5.3. Time hosted in another household for more than one day

4.5.4. Time receiving or going to visit other families

4.5.5. Time shared with the family or cohabitating partner

4.5.6. Time talking in the phone

5. Paid work

5.1. Time in work (labor market)

5.2. Time seeking job

5.3. Time to commute to work (two-way)

6. Personal Needs

6.1. Time being sick

6.2. Time commuting because of sickness

6.3. Time eating

6.4. Time in appointments to solve for sickness

6.5. Time sleeping

6.6. Time spent in bodycare and hygiene