The Year of the Hangman By: Gary Blackwood

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The Year of the Hangman By: Gary Blackwood von Mind Map: The Year of the Hangman By: Gary Blackwood

1. Character Map

1.1. Creigton Brown

1.1.1. Charlotte Brown: Mom Colonel Gower: Brother

1.1.2. Harry Brown: Dad

1.2. Sir Edward Lyon: Gentlemen Suitor

1.3. Lieutenant Hale

1.4. Captain Pierce: died in Chapter #4

1.5. Benedict Arnold: General of the Continental Army

1.6. Peter: Crew member of the Revenge/Big and slow

1.7. Sophie: French Girl Staying with Franklin

1.8. Benjamin Franklin

1.9. Jean Billouart: Thief in the Stokades

2. Setting Map

2.1. England

2.1.1. Tavern

2.1.2. Home

2.1.3. Execution

2.2. Ships Crossing Atlantic

2.2.1. Amity

2.3. Carolina: For a Moment

2.4. Headed to Florida on the Amity

2.5. Revenge: A "Rebel" Ship

2.6. New Orleans

2.6.1. Benjamin Franklin

2.6.2. The Calido

2.7. Florida

2.7.1. Prison

3. Vocabulary List

3.1. Chapter 1-4

3.1.1. transgressions idle subversive indignant amiably indentured rancid peevishly rotund demure mundane indignant sacrilegious cryptic morbid antagonize indentured shrewd raucous infernal

4. Dept and Complexity Icons

4.1. Main Ideas Ch 1-3

4.1.1. Rebellious Teenager Spoiled Brat

4.1.2. There is potential in Creighton

4.1.3. Some hardtimes and sacrifices help you reach your goal

4.2. Unanswered Questions Ch 5-8

4.2.1. Where does Dr. Franklin go when Jefferson summons him?

4.2.2. Will Benedict Arnold still betray the Americans?

4.2.3. Will Creighton do well as a printer?

4.3. SWABS Ch #13

4.3.1. Somebody

4.3.2. Wanted

4.3.3. But

4.3.4. So

5. Reading Journal

5.1. Journal Prompt: The Year of the Hangman I was late at night gambling and one day I came home and was all of a sudden kidnapped by someone I doesn’t know. I’m taken onto a ship which is already sailing and am being guarded by this Lieutenant Hale guy who I am asking like a billions of questions on why I am here. The guys looks pretty annoyed at me so I then just give up. I fall back asleep thinking how I can get out of this ship or just go along with it. The man finally talks to me on letting me see the Captain who then tells me that Sir Edward Lyon kidnapped me! This is so unfair that my mom and him don’t want me! I was so frustrated but to see that I was yelling at him didn’t bother him. I just sat quiet and let him talk to me. We then arrived and Lieutenant Hale dropped me off at my uncle’s house where I became an indentured servant. I then roamed around with him until we were in this room burning so important papers until someone broke in and took my uncle. I was then taken by this kid named Peter and he took me to a place i didn’t know. I was kinda scared of him since he was so big so I just listened to him. I then was put in a place such as a jail cell where I thought I was going to rot.

5.2. Journal Entry #2: Year of the Hangman In Chapters 16 and 17 Creighton realizes that the enemy is now Colonel Gower and that the only reason Franklin is dead is because of him. They are all in grief but they still stand strong. To get revenge General Arnold and Creighton think of plan so they can get information about Washington and get back at Colonel Gower.

5.3. Journal Entry #3: Year of the Hangman I think that Creighton is the hero but not only is he the hero, so is Peter and Arnold because Creighton helped with the printing press, helped Colonel Gower and Lieutenant Hale escape, and help plan to infiltrate Colonel Gower’s home. General Arnold also helped infiltrate Colonel Gower’s house and fight with the Spanish and French to win victory. Peter helped with the plan by helping deliver and following orders but not only did he do that, he also helped Creighton and Arnold escape from the prison get them out if the walls. Even though Creighton was the hero, so was Peter and Arnold because Creighton could not have done any of that without them.

6. Final Predictions

6.1. They are going to find a way to get Harry Brown out of prison.

6.2. Harry Brown knows where Washington is and this will lead to a rebel victory.