Happy Workhorse

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Happy Workhorse von Mind Map: Happy Workhorse

1. Process

1.1. Current Process

1.1.1. Upload File

1.1.2. Displays Summary to User

1.1.3. Admin gets summary emailed

1.1.4. Current Worked 9.20 hours Dev .8 Project Management

1.2. Next Process Sprint Estimates

1.2.1. Get Email Address and File .5 hour

1.2.2. Give Client Price Format should should $US $X.XX .5 hour

1.2.3. Updated Calculations .3 to .8 PPG was .79 and should .99 Setup is 9.99 Unit Conversion Issue

1.2.4. Client Can place order (Stripe) - We need billing and shipping info and order details 5 Hours

1.2.5. Give Admin Email with Customer Info Options: FTP Access Unsecure Link Secure Link

1.2.6. Store Basic Tracking Data somewhere Total Site Visits Total Site Uploads Total Site Purchases Google Analytics We need to show how we're tracking this. Stored in People that just hit page Site Uploads Purchased Orders

1.2.7. Prototype and Implemetation Turn email and filename into fixed text Thank you Page - receipt email Turnaround estimate Footer can be large

1.2.8. Send us Happy Workhorse Info Registrar Then Email can be setup Happy Workhorse logo and other assets Will allow site design updates

1.2.9. Sprint 2 Review Meeting Bugs Step 1

1.3. Future Process Considerations

1.3.1. Give Client Image Preview of File (with Scale) 5-6 Hours

1.3.2. Obtain Bounding Box Measurements We need to map this out what other calculations might be needed before we can estimate Bulk Ordering How big is this? To Scale? 5-6 hours

1.3.3. Storing Order Info In a database 2 Hours With an admin panel 10-20+ hours Analytics

1.3.4. Blog

1.3.5. Customer Accounts 10-15 hours

1.3.6. Foward this quote

2. New Ideas

2.1. Content/Marketing

2.1.1. Discount for sharing with your audience

2.2. Quoting System

2.2.1. Image

2.2.2. Bounding Box/Size

2.2.3. Multiple Parts

2.2.4. Multiple Quanitieis

2.2.5. Content of Email Notifications

2.3. Design Updates

2.3.1. Agape Plastics

3. Documentation

3.1. Google Doc for Outline of Changes

4. Testing

4.1. Files from Chris for Testing

4.2. Browser Testing

4.3. Need a Report