#EventCanvas ISOC Chapter Leader Workshop 2015

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#EventCanvas ISOC Chapter Leader Workshop 2015 von Mind Map: #EventCanvas ISOC Chapter Leader Workshop 2015

1. Return

1.1. an ISOC "coaching buddy"

1.2. How to get an ISOC Grant for my chapter

1.3. ISOC APAC insights

1.4. 2 day reflection on myself and my role

2. Entry Behaviour / background

2.1. People leaving ISOC Chapter meetings with energy, new ideas and enthusiasm but implementation could be better/higher.

2.2. Process of solution rooms are positive but translation into action ‘back home’ not good enough

2.3. ISOC wants application for funds to be higher

2.4. Fund application tend to be by individuals when cross chapter working needs to be fostered

2.5. Objectives of 2 days remain the same

2.6. Need to do some redesign to meet the needs of the above

2.7. ISOC people good/excellent at the ‘What’.

2.8. It’s the ‘How’ that tends to trip them up

2.9. Need to keep balance of collaboration, volunteerism, bottom up yet provide more discipline, control and follow through.

3. Jobs to be done

3.1. Social Jobs

3.1.1. Address Internet Society Chapter Related Topics during Chapter Workshop Focus on ISOC Chapter Leader role Opportuntiy to address Internet Related topics for projects

3.2. Functional Jobs

3.2.1. Skill Get Chapters for skillfull on applying for funding?

3.2.2. See chapter collaboration outcomes cross chapter collaboration into projects

3.3. Emotional Jobs

3.3.1. Coaching buddy and create comfort in group

3.4. Basic Needs

3.4.1. Apply to participate

3.4.2. Registration

3.4.3. Getting there

3.4.4. Travel requirements

3.4.5. Pre-event info

4. Pains

4.1. ISOC

4.1.1. Get qualified applications for grants

4.1.2. Invitation process / qualification

4.2. Participants

4.2.1. Who else is there?

4.2.2. Language issues

4.2.3. Expressing myself in a learning environment

5. Commitment

5.1. 2 days + travel

5.2. Pre-event connection online

5.2.1. Webinar

5.2.2. Connect platform

5.3. Visa procedure

6. Return

7. Gains

7.1. Personal Skills

7.1.1. Influencing stakeholders

7.1.2. New meeting formats for my events

7.2. New network of fellow Chapter Leaders in region

8. Experience Journey

8.1. Items to programme

8.1.1. #myISOCstory

8.1.2. How What "How" Q's need to be answered for the what to take place?

8.1.3. Cakes model Clarity What they know they are good at doing What I have to do about what I have to fix that Attributes Knowledge Environment (physical emotional) Skills

8.1.4. The Stakeholder Influencing Instrument?

8.1.5. Cake Postcards + follow up mechanism ISOC Workshop Regional Manager ISOC Coaching Buddy

8.1.6. Cakes activity Showcase "How Questions" of previous projects

8.1.7. Fishbowl rounds Chapter Management related questions Explore topics in group Running the chapter Cross Chapter Collaboration How to influence stakeholders Sample projects in other chapters

8.1.8. Solution Room Applying the Cakes framework Actioning outcomes

9. Instructional Design

9.1. Present Thinking

9.1.1. We will need to provide a more challenging AND supportive environment

9.1.2. To achieve this we will need a more intimate introduction session to allow for individual familiarisation for what comes next and to meet/choose their ‘Coaching Buddy’

9.1.3. Provision of a session on CAKES – The Factors That Affect Performance to bring to life the need to focus on the ‘What’ and the ‘How’ in order to be successful Session on bringing the model to life – Car exam? Taking a real life issue they are asked to bring they apply CAKES to it (first opportunity to work with their ‘Coaching Buddy’ Peer coaching session where each person is ‘challenged’ by a colleague (in pairs) to tell the other the issues in CAKES affecting their issue and their plans for overcoming these Then some skill building sessions and could include SMART objective setting Visioning using photographs – telling the story Coaching behaviours and practice Attribute/behaviour challenges – Feedback processes and practice Environment issues – how to overcome All culminating with a planning session on real life issue to think through challenges and how these could be overcome.

9.1.4. The Solution room exercise to be redesigned so that 5 people are nominated to concentrate on each of the 5 CAKES issues and to ask questions (provided on prompt cards) to help people think through the challenges they have around their issue.

9.1.5. Follow up – there needs to a stronger emphasis here. Role for Naveed? Some form of reporting back/ update process, driven by coach, or nominated person from another chapter?

10. Expectations

10.1. Is it as good as they say it is?

10.2. Seen the videos/photos/blog on Connect

10.3. Based on welcome video & webinar

11. Satisfaction

11.1. JUMP!

11.2. Exceeded what I expect of myself and my personal expectations

12. Behaviour after

12.1. Knowledge

12.1.1. New items ISOC launching new programme old new

12.2. Skills

12.2.1. CAKES What How What How Q's need to be answered for the what to take place?

12.2.2. What do you want them to do differently? Ability to submit a grant request Guide the Chapter Leader

12.3. Attitude

12.3.1. I can appoly techniques learned to events in my chapter

12.3.2. I can collaborate and obtain funds from ISOC based on my new skills + knowledge

12.4. People Learning

12.4.1. I got to know 1 Coaching buddy Global / regional ISOC staff Fellow Chapter Leaders 2 Trainers

12.5. Basic Needs

12.5.1. I belong to this community and others have identical pains/gains as I do

13. Internet Society Chapter Leader Workshop 2015

14. Internet Society

15. Ruud Janssen & Dave Bancroft Turner

16. Internet Society & Participant Chapter Leader

17. 23

18. April

19. 2015

20. 1.0

21. Learn more in 2 days than in the rest of your year about your role as a chapter leader in the Internet Society