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USAID von Mind Map: USAID

1. Office of Afghanistan-Pakistan Affairs Larry Sampler, Jr., Assistant Administrator [email protected] 202.712.1900

1.1. Deputy Assistant to the Administrator and Deputy Director Daniel Grant [email protected]

1.2. Deputy Assistant to the Administrator Kathleen Campbell [email protected]

2. HHS

2.1. Office of the Assistant Secretary for Global Affairs Ambassador Jimmy Kolker, Assistant Secretary [email protected] 202.690.6174

2.1.1. Office of Policy and Program Coordination Holly Wong, Acting Director [email protected] 202.690.0483 PEPFAR Austin Demby, Director [email protected] 202.205.3224 Pandemic and Emerging Threats Michael Schmoyer, Director [email protected] Senior Policy Advisor Emily Bleimund [email protected] Senior Policy Advisor for Global Health Security Dr. Matthew Lim, MD [email protected]

2.1.2. Office of International Relations Africa Office Samuel Adeniyi-Jones, Director [email protected] Asia and the Pacific Office Erika Elvander, Director [email protected] Europe and Northern Eurasia Office Peter Schmeissner, Director [email protected] Middle East Office Linda Hoffman, Director [email protected] Multi-Lateral Affairs Office Peter Mamacos, Director [email protected] The Americas Office Carmen Christina Rabadan-Diehl, Director [email protected]

2.1.3. Office of Operations Mary Pokryfki, Executive Officer [email protected] 202.690.3884

2.2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Tom Frieden, MD, MPH, Director [email protected] 404.639.7000

2.2.1. Center for Global Health CAPT Tom Kenyon, USPHS, Director [email protected] 404.639.7420 Jennifer Parker, MPA, Principal Deputy Director [email protected] Division of Global Health Protection Dr. Jordan Tappero, MD, MPH, Director [email protected] 404.718.4558 Associate Director for Communication and Partnerships Dana Pitts [email protected] Division of Global HIV/AIDS Shannon Hader, MD, MPH, Director [email protected] Deputy Director John Blandford [email protected] Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria Laurence Slutsker, Director [email protected] 404.639.7430 Global Immunization Division Rebecca Martin, Director [email protected] 404.639.6232 Deputy Director John Fitzsimmons [email protected] 404.639.8724 Chief, Disease Eradication and Elimination Branch Robert Linkins [email protected] 404.639.8282

2.2.2. Office of Infectious Diseases Rima Khabbaz, MD, Deputy Director [email protected] 404.639.2100 National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and Tuberculosis Prevention Jonathan Mermin, Director [email protected]gov 404.639.8000 Deputy Director Hazel Dean [email protected] HIV/AIDS Prevention Division Dr. Eugene McCray, MD [email protected] 404.639.8485 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention Division Gail Bolan, MD, Director [email protected] 404.639.8260 Health Disparities Office 404.498.2310

2.3. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Dr. Peggy Hamburg, MD, Commissioner [email protected] 301.796.5000

2.3.1. Office of Global Regulatory Operations and Policy Howard Sklamberg, Deputy Commissioner [email protected] 301.796.7460 Office of International Programs Mary Lou Valdez, Associate Commissioner [email protected] 301.796.8400 Office of Public Health and Trade Mark Abdoo, Director [email protected] Office of Strategy, Partnerships, and Analytics Katherine Bond, ScD, Director [email protected]

2.4. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Francis Collins, MD, PhD, Director [email protected] 301.496.2433

2.4.1. Fogarty International Center Dr. Roger Glass, MD, Director [email protected] 301.496.1415 Acting Deputy Director Ken Bridbord, MD, MPH [email protected] Senior Public Health Advisor Robert Eiss [email protected] 301.496.2968 Senior Scientific Advisor on Global Maternal and Child Health Research Emeritus Duane Alexander [email protected] Program Assistant Melissa Wan [email protected] Division of International Epidemiology and Population Studies Mark Miller, MD, Director [email protected] 301.496.3110 Division of International Science Policy, Planning, and Evaluation Nalini Anand, Director [email protected] 301.402.7348

2.4.2. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci, MD, Director [email protected] 301.496.2263 Associate Director for International Research Affairs F. Gray Handley, MD, MSPH [email protected] AIDS Research Advisory Committee 866.284.4107 Division of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Dr. Carl Dieffenbach, PhD, Director [email protected] 301.496.0545 Basic Sciences Program Diana Finzi, Director [email protected] 301.451.2598 Prevention Sciences Program Sheryl Zwerski, MSN, Director [email protected] 301.402.4032 Therapeutics Research Program Dr. Sarah Read, MD, Director [email protected] 301.451.2757 Vaccine Research Program Dr. Mary Anne Marovich, MD [email protected] 301.453.3727

2.4.3. Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Alan Guttmacher, MD, Director [email protected] 301.496.3454 Deputy Director Catherine Spong, MD [email protected] Office of Global Health Vesna Kutlesic, PhD, Director [email protected] Office of Legislation and Public Policy Lisa Kaeser, Chief [email protected] Division of Intramural Population Health Research Buck Louis, PhD, Director [email protected] 301.496.6155 Division of Extramural Research Caroline Signore, Acting Director [email protected] 301.496.5577 Child Development and Behavior Branch Lisa Freund, PhD, Chief [email protected] 301.435.6879 Contraceptive Discovery and Development Branch CAPT Hugh Trent MacKay, USPHS, MD, MPH, Chief 301.435.6988 [email protected] Gynecologic Health and Disease Branch Dr. Lisa Halvorson, MD, Chief [email protected] 301.594.8429 Maternal and Pediatric Infectious Disease Branch Rohan Hazra, Chief [email protected] 301.435.6868 Obstetric and Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics Branch Anne Zajicek, MD, Chief [email protected] 301.435.6865 Pregnancy and Perinatology Branch Tonse Raju, MD, Chief [email protected] 301.402.1872

3. Bureau for Global Health Ariel Pablos-Mendez, Assistant Administrator [email protected] 571.551.7043

3.1. Office of Health, Infectious Diseases, and Nutrition Elizabeth Fox, Director [email protected] 202.712.5777

3.1.1. Health Systems Division Chief Bob Emrey [email protected] 202.712.4583

3.1.2. Infectious Diseases Division

3.1.3. Maternal and Child Health Division Chief John Barrazzo 202.712.4816

3.1.4. Nutrition Division

3.1.5. Special Advisor on Pandemic Influenza Dr. Dennis Carroll 202.712.5009

3.2. Office of HIV/AIDS David Stanton, Director [email protected] 202.712.5681

3.2.1. Deputy Director Paul Mahanna [email protected] 202.712.1413

3.2.2. Implementation Support Division Chief Kendra Phillips [email protected] 202.712.5134

3.2.3. Strategic Planning, Evaluation, and Reporting Division Chief Shyami De Silva [email protected] 202.712.0856

3.2.4. Supply Chain Management Division Chief John Crowley [email protected] 202.712.0588

3.2.5. Technical Leadership and Research Division Chief Robert Ferris 202.712.5681

3.2.6. Senior Technical Advisor for HIV Vaccines Margaret McCluskey [email protected] 202.712.5838

3.3. Office of Policy, Programs, and Planning Michael Zeilinger, Director [email protected] 202.712.0282

3.3.1. Controller

3.3.2. Strategic Planning and Budgeting Division Chief Wallace Lloyd [email protected] 202.712.5266

3.4. Office of Population and Reproductive Health Ellen Starbird, Director [email protected] 202.712.0847

3.4.1. Deputy Director Irene Koek [email protected] 202.712.5403

3.4.2. Commodities Security and Logistics Division Chief Mark Rilling [email protected] 202.712.0876

3.4.3. Policy, Evaluation, and Communication Division Chief Beverly Johnston [email protected] 202.712.5839

3.4.4. Research Technology and Utilization Division

3.4.5. Service Delivery Improvement Division

3.4.6. Services Improvement Division

3.4.7. Public Health Advisor Rachel Marcus [email protected] 571.551.7031

3.5. Office of Regional and Country Support Willa Pressman, Director [email protected] 202.712.0187

4. Bureau for Europe and Eurasia Susan Fritz, Acting Assistant Administrator [email protected] 202.567.4020

4.1. Office of Democracy, Governance, and Social Transition Deborah Grieser, Director [email protected] 202.567.5503

4.1.1. Democracy and Governance Team Alexander Sokolowski, Team Leader [email protected] 202.567.4025

4.1.2. Social Transition Team Lubov Fajfer, Educational and Youth Advisor [email protected] 202.567.4014 Anti-Trafficking Advisor Presidential Management Fellow Rebecca Roth [email protected]

5. Bureau for Asia Jon Stivers, Assistant Administrator [email protected] 202.712.0200

5.1. Office of Technical Services Jerry Bisson, Director [email protected] 202.216.3271

5.1.1. Health Division

6. Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean Beth Hogan, Acting Assistant Administrator [email protected] 202.712.4760

6.1. Haiti Task Team Dan Riley, Coordinator [email protected] 202.712.1700

6.1.1. Haiti Advisor and Democracy Specialist Belinda Bernard [email protected]

7. Bureau for the Middle East Paige Eve Alexander, Assistant Administrator [email protected] 202.712.0300

7.1. Office of Technical Support Kay Freeman, Director [email protected] 202.712.4111

7.1.1. Health Division

7.2. Office of Iraq and Arabian Peninsula Affairs Andrew Plitt, Director [email protected] 202.712.5486

7.3. Office of Middle East Affairs Ricki Gold, Director [email protected] 202.712.4922

7.3.1. Egypt Desk Officer-in-Charge Anne Womer [email protected]

7.3.2. Jordan Desk Officer-in-Charge Christopher Saenger [email protected]

7.3.3. Lebanon Desk Officer-in-Charge Elaine Scott [email protected]

7.3.4. Libya Desk Officer Amanda Roosendaal [email protected]

7.3.5. Middle East Region Officer-in-Charge Christopher Kisco [email protected]

7.3.6. Morocco Desk Officer-in-Charge Theresa Outlaw [email protected]

7.3.7. West Bank/Gaza Strip Desk Officer-in-Charge Joanna Mantello [email protected]

7.3.8. Yemen Desk Officer-in-Charge Nadia Farra [email protected]

8. Bureau for Africa Eric Postel, Assistant Administrator [email protected] 202.712.0500

8.1. Office of Sustainable Development Tony Chan, Director [email protected] 202.712.5238

8.1.1. Health Division Lisa Baldwin, Chief [email protected] 202.712.0595 Senior Care Advisor 202.712.1054 Senior Health Advisor Ishrat Husain [email protected] 202.712.1535 Senior OVC Advisor 202.712.4514 Child Survival Advisor Mary Harvey [email protected] 202.712.5483 HIV/AIDS Team Leader Stella Goings [email protected] 202.712.1226 Program Operations Assistant Felicia Few [email protected] 202.712.0652

9. State Department

9.1. Office of Global AIDS Coordinator [email protected] 202.663.2440

9.1.1. US Global AIDS Coordinator Deborah Birx [email protected] 202.663.2579 Chief of Staff Angeli Achrekar [email protected] 202.663.2802 Deputy Coordinator for Affected Populations and Civil Society Leadership A. Cornelius Baker 202.663.1102 Deputy Coordinator for Finance, Accountability, and Oversight Mark Brown [email protected] 202.663.2464 Deputy Coordinator for Multi-Sector Responsibility and Diplomacy Caya Lewis 202.663.2462 Deputy Coordinator for Program Quality Julia Martin 202.663.2339 Executive Director William Dilday [email protected] 202.663.2571 Chief Medical Officer Douglas Shaffer 202.663.1089 Chief Science Officer James Sherry 202.663.1099 Chief Strategy Officer Sandra Thurman 202.663.2592 Director for Development Janis Timberlake 202.647.3410 Acting Director of Public Affairs and Communications Veronica Davison 202.663.2586 Director of Congressional Relations Emily Gibbons [email protected] 202.663.1977 Director of Multilateral Diplomacy Jason Lawrence [email protected] 202.663.2577 Director of Private Sector Engagement Lauren Marks 202.663.2417 Director of Country Oversight and Accountability Erica Sessle 202.663.2664 Director of Country Impact Irum Zaidi 202.663.2588

9.1.2. PEPFAR Scientific Advisory Board

9.2. Office of the Haiti Special Coordinator 202.647.9510

9.2.1. Haiti Special Coordinator Thomas C. Adams [email protected] Executive Secretary to the Haiti Special Coordinator Stacy Williams 202.647.1338 [email protected] Health Officer Astrid Dorelien 202.647.9461 [email protected] Justice Officer Sean Harris [email protected] Multilateral Affairs Officer Stephanie Kotecki-Bonhomme 202.647.9465

9.3. Office of Global Health Diplomacy

9.3.1. US Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy Deborah Birx [email protected] 202.663.2579

9.3.2. Acting Special Representative and Deputy Director Elizabeth Jordan [email protected]

9.4. Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy R. Sherman, Under Secretary [email protected] 202.647.2471

9.4.1. Bureau of International Organization Affairs Sheba Crocker, Assistant Secretary [email protected] 202.647.9600 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Issues Nerissa Cook, Deputy Assistant Secretary [email protected] 202.647.5798 Office of Human Security 202.647.1269

9.5. Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Sarah Bulkeley Sewall, Under Secretary and US Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues 202.647.1189

9.5.1. Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons Ambassador-at-Large and Acting Director Patricia Butenis [email protected] 202.312.9644 Principal Deputy Director Kari Johnstone [email protected] Senior Coordinator for International Programs Cindy Smith Senior Coordinator for Public Engagement Laura Syat Rundlet [email protected] Senior Coordinator for Reports and Political Affairs Rachel Yousey Senior Coordinator for Resource Management and Planning Clara Boykin President's Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons John Kerry, Chair Secretary of State 202.647.9572 John Brennan Director, Central Intelligence Agency 703.482.1100 Sylvia Burwell Secretary, Health and Human Services 202.690.7000 [email protected] Shaun Donovan Secretary, Housing and Urban Development 202.395.4840 [email protected] Eric Holder US Attorney General 202.514.2000 [email protected] Tom Perez Secretary, Department of Labor 202.693.6000 Ambassador Al Lenhardt Deputy Administrator, USAID [email protected]

9.5.2. Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration Anne Claire Richard, Assistant Secretary 202.647.7360 [email protected] Executive Assistant to Assistant Secretary Denis Galipeau 202.647.7360 [email protected] Staff Assistant to Assistant Secretary Keith Kadlec 202.647.9775 [email protected] Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Simon Henshaw 202.647.7360 [email protected] Program Assistant Diana Ojonga 202.647.5982 Office of the Executive Director Nicholas Miscione 202.453.9358 Office of Assistance for Asia and the Near East Nicole Shampaine, Director 202.453.9273 sham[email protected] Office of Multilateral Coordination and External Relations Margaret Pollack, Director 202.453.9296 Office of Policy and Resource Planning Nancy Izzo-Jackson, Director 202.453.9225 [email protected] Deputy Assistant Secretary Kelly Clements 202.647.5822 [email protected] Office of Assistance for Africa Margaret McKelvey, Director 202.453.9304 [email protected] Office of Assistance for Europe, Central Asia and the Americas J. Baxter Hunt, Director 202.453.9277 [email protected] Deputy Assistant Secretary Catherine Weisner 202.647.5822 [email protected] US Refugee Admissions Program Larry Bartlett, Director 202.453.9270 [email protected] Office of Population and International Migration Suzanne Sheldon, Director 202.453.9201 [email protected]

9.5.3. Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Ambassador Bill Brownfield, Assistant Secretary 202.647.8464 [email protected] Deputy Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere, Africa, and the Middle East Ambassador Alexander Arvizu, Deputy Assistant Secretary 202.647.6642 [email protected] Office of Africa and Middle East Tony Fernandes, Director 202.776.8404

9.6. Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Rick Stengel, Under Secretary [email protected] 202.647.9199

9.6.1. Office of Global Youth Issues Andy Rabens, Special Advisor for Global Youth Issues 202.632.6008 [email protected]

9.7. Office of Global Women's Issues [email protected] 202.647.7285

9.7.1. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues Catherine Russell [email protected] 202.647.7285 Executive Assistant for Ambassador-at-Large Valerie Patricia Keitt [email protected] Special Assistant for Ambassador-at-Large Ashley Williams [email protected] Chief of Staff Mala Adiga Senior Advisor and Director of Operations Betty Bernstein-Zabza Senior Advisor Ann Norris Director of Global Programs Natika Washington [email protected] Deputy Director of Programs Sandrine Rukundo [email protected] Adolescent Girls Policy Advisor Emily Kearney Afghanistan Senior Policy Advisor Lida Sahar Noory [email protected] Europe and Central Asia Senior Policy Advisor Irene F. Marr [email protected] Gender Policy Advisor Katharyn Van Der Veen [email protected] Gender-Based Violence and Health Policy Advisor Varina Winder Multilateral Issues and Legal Reform Policy Advisor Jonny Dach Pakistan Policy Advisor Saba N. Ghori 202.647.7285 Press Advisor and Speech Writer Rachel Wallace 202.647.7285 South Asia Policy Advisor Radhika Prabhu Western Hemisphere Affairs Policy Advisor Regina Smedinghoff 202.647.7285 Women's Entrepreneurship Advisor Margareta Schettler Women, Peace, and Security Senior Policy Advisor Stephenie Foster Women, Peace, and Security Policy Advisor Blake Peterson Senior Military Advisor LCDR Amy Bauernschmidt, USN Sports Policy Advisor and Program Analysis Chase Ballinger Program Analysis Pamela Kuemmerle Technology Policy Advisor and Program Analysis Mark Murray Budget Office Coordinator Shakyra McMillon Staff Assistant Lynette Young

10. Other federal organizations

10.1. Department of Commerce (DOC)

10.2. Department of Defense (DOD)

10.2.1. Afghan Security Forces Fund (ASFF)

10.2.2. Commander's Emergency Response Program (CERP)

10.2.3. DoD HIV/AIDS Prevention Program (DHAPP) [email protected]

10.3. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

10.3.1. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

10.3.2. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

10.3.3. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) International Affairs Division [email protected]

10.4. Department of Justice (DOJ)

10.4.1. International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) Richard Miller, Acting Director 202.305.8190

10.4.2. Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance, and Training (OPDAT) Faye Ehrenstamm, Director 202.514.1323

10.5. Department of Labor (DOL)

10.5.1. Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) Carol Pier, Deputy Undersecretary 202.693.4770 Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking Office of Trade and Labor Affairs Office of International Relations Office of Economic and Labor Research

10.6. Department of the Treasury

10.6.1. Under Secretary for International Affairs D. Nathan Sheets, Under Secretary 202.622.1270 Multilateral Development Banks and Specialized Development Institutions Office of the US Executive Director to the African Development Bank 216 71-333-511 (Tunisia) 225 20-20-44-44 (Cote d'Ivoire) [email protected] Marcia Denise Occomy, US Executive Director-Designate 216 71-333-511 Office of the US Executive Director to the Asian Development Bank [email protected] Ambassador Robert M. "Skipp" Orr, US Executive Director 63 (2) 632-6050 Office of the US Executive Director to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Luyen Tran, US Alternate Executive Director [email protected] 44 (20) 7338-6487 Office of the US Executive Director to the Inter-American Development Bank Mark Lopes, US Executive Director 202.623.1075 Office of the US Executive Director to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank/IBRD) Matthew McGuire, US Executive Director-Designate [email protected] 202.458.0115 Office of the US Executive Director to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Mathew Haarsager, Acting US Executive Director [email protected] 202.623.7760 Assistant Secretary for International Finance Ramin Toloui, Assistant Secretary 202.622.4637 Business and Program Operations Gordon McDonald, Director, International Affairs Business Administration [email protected] Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia Robert Dohner, Deputy Assistant Secretary [email protected] 202.622.0189 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe and Eurasia Daleep Singh, Deputy Assistant Secretary [email protected] Deputy Assistant Secretary for Middle East and Africa Andy Baukol, Deputy Assistant Secretary [email protected] 202.622.2129 Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Western Hemisphere Michael Kaplan, Deputy Assistant Secretary [email protected] 202.622.0658 Assistant Secretary for International Markets and Development Marisa Lago, Assistant Secretary [email protected] 202.622.5800 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Development Policy and Debt Alexia Latortue, Deputy Assistant Secretary 202.622.8125 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Investment Security Aimen Mir, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary [email protected] 202.622.5052 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Technical Assistance and Afghanistan W. Larry McDonald, Deputy Assistant Secretary [email protected] 202.622.5504

10.7. African Development Foundation (USADF)

10.7.1. Board of Directors Jack Leslie, Chairman [email protected] 202.445.8206 John Agwunobi, Vice-Chairman 202.673.3916 Shari Berenbach, President and CEO [email protected] 202.673.3916

10.8. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

10.8.1. Assistant Administrator for International and Tribal Affairs Jane Toshiko Nishida, Interim Assistant Administrator [email protected] 202.564.1531 American Indian Environmental Office JoAnn Chase, Director [email protected] 202.564.0303 Office of Global Affairs and Policy Walker Smith, Director [email protected] 202.564.4044 Office of Management and International Services Katrina Cherry, Director [email protected] 202.564.2476 Office of Regional and Bilateral Affairs Neilima Senjalia, Acting Director [email protected] 202.564.6474

10.9. Inter-American Foundation

10.9.1. Board of Directors Eddy Arriola, Chairman 305.398.9000 Dr. Thomas Dodd, Vice-Chair 202.360.4530

10.9.2. Executive Office President Robert Kaplan [email protected] Office of External and Government Affairs Manuel Nunez, Managing Director [email protected] Office of Programs Marcy Kelley, Managing Director for Grant-making and Portfolio Management [email protected] Stephen Cox, Managing Director for Networks and Strategic Initiatives [email protected]

10.9.3. Advisory Council Alexander Watson, Chairman 202.822.4700 Kay Kelley Arnold, Vice-Chairwoman [email protected]

10.10. Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

10.10.1. Dana Joy Hyde, CEO 202.521.3600

10.10.2. Board of Directors John Kerry, Chairman 202.647.9572 Jack Lew, Vice-Chair

10.11. Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)

10.11.1. Elizabeth Littlefield, Chair, President, and CEO [email protected] 202.336.8401 Board of Directors Insurance Department Administrative Operations Africa and the Middle East Eurasia Latin America and Technical Operations Investment Funds Department Legal Affairs Department Small and Medium Enterprise Finance Department Office of Administrative Services Office of the CFO Office of External Affairs Office of Investment Policy

10.12. Peace Corps

10.12.1. Office of the Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet, Director [email protected] 202.692.2100 Africa Operations Dick Day, Regional Director [email protected] 202.692.2308 Europe, Mediterranean, and Asia Operations Keri Lowry, Regional Director [email protected] 202.692.2384 Inter-America and the Pacific Operations Susumo Ken Yamashita, Regional Director 202.692.1973 Overseas Programming and Training Support Sonia Stines Derenoncourt, Director [email protected] 202.692.2325 Office of Health Services Paul Jung, Associate Director [email protected] 202.692.1465 Office of AIDS Relief Pamela Martin, Coordinator [email protected] 202.692.2392 Office of Medical Services Dr. Barry G. Simon, Director [email protected] 202.692.1509 Office of Counseling and Outreach Timothy Lawler, Director [email protected] 202.692.1474