Ungrammatical Sentences

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Ungrammatical Sentences von Mind Map: Ungrammatical Sentences

1. Sentence Fragments

1.1. Lacks a predicate

1.1.1. Examples The students in English 91F.

1.2. Lacks a subject

1.2.1. Examples Struggled to stay awake.

1.3. Lacks a complete idea

1.3.1. Examples While group 2 presented their assessment.

2. Run-ons

2.1. Examples

2.1.1. Greg ran out of excuses to tell his teacher he remained silent.

2.1.2. I am hungry I want to leave.

2.1.3. Clark had vanished he left his books in class.

3. Comma splices

3.1. Examples

3.1.1. Michael takes the bus to university, Connor drives his van.

4. Grammatical Sentences