Clases de comparacion

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Clases de comparacion von Mind Map: Clases de comparacion

1. Adjetivo corto

1.1. Superioridad

1.1.1. My dog is bigger than your dog.

1.2. Superlativo

1.2.1. My house is the biggest in the world.

1.3. Inferioridad

1.3.1. She is less big than you.

1.4. Igualdad

1.4.1. I am as big as my father.

2. Adjetivo largo

2.1. Superioridad

2.1.1. He is more responsible than her sister.

2.2. Superlativo

2.2.1. My son is the most responsible of all.

2.3. Inferioridad

2.3.1. He is less responsible than his brother.

2.4. Igualdad

2.4.1. She is as responsible as her sister.