The Freeman Perspective

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The Freeman Perspective von Mind Map: The Freeman Perspective

1. Money Matters

1.1. Understanding Money

1.2. Accepted for Value

1.2.1. Understanding A4V

1.2.2. Traditional A4V

1.2.3. New A4V

2. You and Your Persons

2.1. Understanding Persons

2.2. Your Private (Live) Person

2.3. Your Public (Dead) Person

2.4. Your Other Persons

2.5. The Real You

3. Understanding Your Rights

3.1. Your Unalienable Rights

3.2. Your Inalienable Rights

3.3. Rights That You Claim

4. The Worlds of Man

4.1. The Real World

4.1.1. Chaos by Default

4.2. The Natural World

4.2.1. Paradise by Agreement

4.3. The Fictional World

4.3.1. Utopia by Neccessity

5. You and the Law

5.1. Understanding Common Law

5.2. You and the Courts

5.2.1. How To Not Go To Court

5.2.2. What To Do in Court

5.3. Honour and Competence

5.3.1. Honour and competence is all that is required to operate in the private sector under common law. Sadly these two concepts are widely misunderstood..

5.3.2. Honour is really just adherence to the golden rule, but an understanding of honour requires that one contemplate the golden rule. Do so and you will see that, effected, honour is a process. Adhering to the golden rule requires that one give notice and fair hearing to everyone that might be affected by an action. When dealing with honourable and competent people, one notice is generally all that is required, but most people are neither honourable or competent, and that means you will need two more notices before the truth of the matter is revealed. you will need to issue a notice of fault, and after that, a notice of default, after which you have a judgment. That's the basics anyhow. In reality, it's much more complicated than that, so here are basic rules governing private commercial processes. TThe Rules of,Private Commercial Processes Expkained

6. Movies, Music, and Media

6.1. Allegorical Information in the Media

6.1.1. To those with eyes that see and ears that hear, movies and music offer a whole new level of understanding. The masters of Hollywood are "In The Know" and they have been trying to wake us up for years, without coming right out and saying so, because thet would be a dishounour, All movies have Trade-Secrets. (Freedom of Information Act Title 5 USC 552(a)(4)). There very easy to see once you realize that this is Notice to the Public. They either state. Past, Present, Future activities. Example: Star Wars; Witchcraft. Andy Griffith Show: Citizens Arrest; Two sets of Laws, One for the Police, one for the regular people.

6.2. Allegorical Movies

6.2.1. The Matrix

6.2.2. The Wizard of Oz

6.2.3. Alice in Wonderland

6.3. Allegorical Music

7. Resources

7.1. about names


7.2. about Critical Thinking