Technology Frameworks

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Technology Frameworks von Mind Map: Technology Frameworks


1.1. 3 kinds of knowledge

1.1.1. Content

1.1.2. Technology

1.1.3. Pedagogy

1.2. A combination of content, pedagogical, and technological knowledge.

1.3. "Is this exercise well balanced?"

1.4. Teachers can convey technology into efficient ways to teach content

1.5. Link to image


2.1. Transformation or Enhancement

2.2. There are 4 ways a teacher can incorporate technology into the classroom

2.2.1. Substitution eg. student finishing a math worksheet instead of copying down questions by hand

2.2.2. Augmentation eg. using PollEverywhere instead of putting hands up (no need to count hands)

2.2.3. Modification eg. using Google Docs with classmates to edit and share each others' work

2.2.4. Redefinition eg. using Google Earth to explore options for group projects such as exploring the galaxies

3. Philosophy of Technology

3.1. How can technology be used to improve classroom learning?

3.2. Teachers' ideas on how technology can expand students' thinking and teach them to be modern citizens

3.3. Your personal approach to teaching; thoughtful statements that draw on past experiences as well as reflecting on its effectiveness.

3.4. I believe that when used appropriately, technology provide students with necessary resources and the correct ways for citation.