ICT Cloud Solution

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ICT Cloud Solution von Mind Map: ICT Cloud Solution

1. Mail and Instant Messaging

1.1. Product and Provider:IBM Smart Cloud http://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/social/us/en/collaborationim/

1.2. Key Functionality:Conversation history and Transcripts, Web Chat, Mobile Chat, Mobile Chat

1.3. Business Advantages:Employees can go back in time to find previous conversations and transcripts. Also, chat capabilities is available using web chat which is very important telecomunication age. Employees can chat from anywhere with their contacts by using their smartphones.

2. Collaboration & documents

2.1. Product and Provider: SpiraTeam by Inflectra http://www.inflectra.com/SpiraTeam/Default.aspx

2.2. Key Functionality: Project Managements, Quality Assurance, Collaboration

2.3. Business Advantages; It is easy to use, employees can develop their own requirements, they can create test cases, They can use it easy by personalized dashboard, also ability ro attcah documents. But the most important thing is web based graph and reports.

3. Backup

3.1. Product and Provider: NovaBACKUP® Remote Workforce, NovaStor http://www.novastor.com/en/software/remote-workforce

3.2. Key Functionality: Central Management Console, Offsite Data Protection, Availability of Functions for Local Data Backup, Local and Online Restore, Easy Administration

3.3. Business Advantages; It allows central management and it is very usefull for all users, also program has its own protection to prevent unknown users, restoring is easy and it will save your time, also administrations is very easy even for new users.

4. Sales & customer support and tracking

4.1. Product and Provider: Commence CRM, Commence http://www.commence.com/crm/crm-software/

4.2. Key Functionality: Dashboard, accounts and contacts, Sales and Oppurtinity Management Lead Management

4.3. Business Advantages:Employees can organize the data the way they want, They make Contact, Build Relationships, and also they can measure Results, Manage complex sales processes, Capture, Manage, and Score Leads

5. Telecommunication cost

5.1. Product and Provider: Telecom 2.0 , SAP http://www54.sap.com/solution/industry/telecommunications.html

5.2. Key Functionality:Greater flexibility to support new business models, Lower churn and improved customer satisfaction, Reduced costs through greater operational efficiencies Increased competitiveness with faster time to market, More new revenue opportunities – both upstream and downstream

5.3. Business Advantages; Program will provide less cost customer communication and it will increase their satisfaction.Also it will provide revenue oppurtinities for our business.

6. Sales Mobility

6.1. Product and Provider:a. Product and Provider: SAP, SAP Sales OnDemand http://www54.sap.com/pc/tech/mobile/software/solutions/commerce-solutions.html

6.2. Key Functionality;Mobile payments, purchasing, Banking

6.3. Business Advantages:Cut costs, create new revenue opportunities, and strengthen loyalty by giving customers the option to pay, buy, bank, and remit money from their mobile devices

7. Training

7.1. Product and Provider:Mindflash easy online training, Mindflash http://www.mindflash.com/home

7.2. Key Functionality:Create an online course, Make a quiz or survey, manage courses, enjoy a simple LMS

7.3. Business Advantages:It is very easy to check your employees position and test their performance.