SLEEP THIEVES - 100 Solutions Mind Map

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SLEEP THIEVES - 100 Solutions Mind Map von Mind Map: SLEEP THIEVES - 100 Solutions Mind Map

1. 75. Chocolate to tempt them to go to sleep awhile

2. Sleep thieves that cause not getting enough sleep is the sleep problem we chose to explore. It's highly suspected that on planet earth, there is a conspiracy, Sloths, Koalas and Bears form a posse - there are only 24 hours of sleep in a day and they would like more.So gradually, under the cover of darkness, stealthily, they steal the sleep that us humans worship and crave. Thereby keeping us weak and placid and keeping more of their kind safe from captivity, or worse, death. But wait, the sleep thieves gang is bigger than we may imagine; have you ever felt that your sleepy mood flew away as soon as one of your pets (cat or dog) came in your room or sneaked into your bed? Open your eyes, the whole truth about the sleep thieves realm is yet to be uncovered, and solutions to be found!

3. 111. Laser light to set up an alarm

3.1. Scare the sleep thieves

4. 117..Get someone to sing you lullaby (it works for my baby).

5. Social Solutions/Barriers

5.1. 112.Sleep thieves send disrupting signals and images

5.2. 113.Singing karaoke too loud

5.3. 114. Get someone to rock you on a hamock.

5.4. 115. Get someone to knock you down (KO)

5.5. 116. Verbally abuse the sleep thieve , ward off with words

6. 118. Ultrasound machine that only sleep thieves can listen but humans don't

7. 119. develop an iOS/Android app that detect mosquitos' noise and generate modulated ultrasounds that are repellent for them! PS: Just googled this idea and discovered that somebody else has already implemented it! I thought that I was almost kidding but look at Zapp!!/id533286839

8. Spiritual Solutions/Barriers

8.1. 40.Prayer will create a force field to protect you

8.2. 39. Meditating will also create a powerful energy field around you to prevent sleep theft

8.3. 38. Move towards the pain , not away -Show no fear

8.4. 37.Meditating will also create a powerful energy field around you to prevent sleep theft

8.5. 36. Wear some special jewelry

8.6. 35. Try to sleep with different spiritual symbols that can protect you

8.7. 33 repeat a mantra

8.7.1. 34. get a protective spell

8.8. 32. Minds eye relaxation - Focus between the eyes for 15 mins before sleep

8.9. 31. Wash blankets and comforters along with soothing aromatic solutions

8.10. 30. Spray room freshener, specially jasmine flavored

8.11. 29. Avoid food smells in the bed room

8.12. 28.Drink sacred water before bed

8.13. 27. Think of someone you love

8.14. 26. Radiating Love

8.15. 25.The sound of Bells or wind chimes will hurt their ears

9. Physical Solutions /Barriers

9.1. 70.make a wall of fluffy pillows

9.2. 71. Count sheep

9.3. 72.WATER will deter sleep thieves

9.4. 73. stretch the body

9.5. 74. crunchy barriers to ward off and scare bears away

9.6. 76. Giving them a lot of sugar or food they like so they forgot about the sleep

9.7. 77. Build a special room where you can sleep but the thieves can't enter

9.8. 78. Special pyjamas that can repel the thieves

9.9. 79. Lower temperature (it is known that people under freezing environments get sleepy) is a sleep-thief deterrent.-

9.10. 80. Full moon shining in your bedroom window can rob your sleep, especially when witches ride across the skies.

9.11. 81. Sleep inside a bubble

9.12. 82. Buy a good mattress

9.13. 83. Build an air tight room

9.14. 84.Have a cat or mouse for company, calming

9.15. 85.Have a pet to ward away thieves of the night dreams

9.16. 86.Have a cat or pet for company, calming

10. Body and MInd Work

10.1. 51.Create conditioning stimulus that help to fall asleep

10.1.1. 55.Meditation

10.1.2. 54.Focus on your breath - in and out

10.1.3. 53. Hot yoga cold shower

10.1.4. 52.YOGA NIDRA

10.2. 50.Read for a while to get your mind reframed

10.3. 49.Imagine a sequence or experience, to re-create sense of pleasure and relaxation

10.4. 48. If you do 1000 sit-ups before sleeping it's probably they won't come to steal your sleep

10.4.1. 46.Its known that if you are in shape, sleep thieves don't come after you

10.4.2. 103. Run 5K before you sleep

10.5. 47. hyperventilate, so you get high- not sure about this one. might be panic attacks (hyperventilate

10.6. 46. Hit yourself on the head, to knock yourself out

10.7. 45.Sex is one of the first choices.

10.8. 44.Relaxtion

10.8.1. Release emotion

10.8.2. Release emotion

10.9. 43.Rub your eyes for 30 secs

10.10. 42. Take a hot shower before hitting the bed

11. Physcological Solutions/Barriers

11.1. 87. Detach from thinking

11.2. 88.Remember a happy experience

11.3. with number games in your mind until tired

11.4. 90.Take your focus away from thinking and back into the body

11.5. 91. Visualize yourself sleeping deeply, and the sleep thief shrinking

11.6. 92. Breathing out counting instead of breathing in

11.7. 93. Create an imaginary friend so that the sleep thieve feels isolated

11.8. 94. Socialize a soft toy to your 1 year old so he/she can hug/kick the soft toy in the sleep instead of you

11.9. 95. Buy an anti-snore solution and put it secretly to your partner

11.10. 96. Be a Yes Man, specially to your spouse

12. Sounds

12.1. 10. Cloth/ dish washing machine working

12.2. 9. Hair drying working

12.3. 8. Sounds at different wavelengths

12.3.1. unusual wavelengths deter sleep thieves

12.4. 7.Bells

12.5. 6. Listen to the sound of waves coming in and out , like the earth breathing

12.6. 5.Listen to your fav song that helps you

12.7. 4..Binaural Beats (

12.8. 3.Sound of clock tickng really ticks them off

12.9. 2.. Sound of clock tickng really ticks them off

12.9.1. 1..Phone ringing keeps the bears away at bay!

13. Medicinal

13.1. 18.Drink a glass of milk

13.1.1. The smell of calming milk is not appealing to the sleep thieves

13.1.2. The smell of calming milk is not appealing to the sleep thieves

13.2. 17.drink chamomile tea

13.3. 16..Take valerian herb

13.4. 15.Sleeping tablet

13.5. 14.Let fresh air into room

13.6. 13. inhale ether

13.7. 12. Eat marihuana cake (don´t like smoke). It is very relaxing

13.8. 11. Medicate melatonin

14. Light

14.1. 104.Shut out all led lights, totally darken room

14.2. 105. Build an air tight room

14.3. 106.Shut out all led lights, totally darken room

14.4. 107.Coloured LIGHTs of specific wavelength are a deterrent to the sleep thieves entering your world

14.4.1. WIll hypnotise the sleep thieve

14.5. 108. Tuck yourself into the blanket Physical Solutions

14.6. 110. Tuck yourself into the blanket Physical Solutions

15. Smells to repel

15.1. 97.Perfume -Sweet sticky smell intolerable to koalas

15.2. 98. Inscense

15.3. 99. Body smell after exercise

15.4. 100. Some kind of food smell that sleep thieves don't like (as vampires don't like garlic)

15.5. 101. Flatulence or Farts can rob your sleep especially coming from your partner. It also contributes to the greenhouse effect.

15.6. 102. A bag of dried lavender helps promote sleep and keep probably works like garlic and helps keep vampires away

15.7. 103.SMOKE

16. 19. Sleep Thieves riding Night Mares


17.1. 56. "Buy sleep" in black market so you can give to the thieves if they come to steal yours.

17.2. 57. Expose koalas and the rest of the thieves to tsetse flies.

17.3. 58. Build houses off the ground or in space, to avoid the sleep thieves that lurk on the ground.

17.4. 59. Encourage marriages and partnerships to be made between "owls" and "larks" so that someone is always awake to deter the sleep thieves.

17.5. 60. Invent sleep thief detectors - like EMF detectors - that detect when sleep thieves are afoot.

17.6. 61. Reverse The Global Need of sleeping during the nighttime hours. Sleep during the day when sleep thieves are not active.

17.7. 62. Live in areas where the sun does not set. ie Arctic in summer, Antarctic in winter.

17.8. 63. Genetically engineer a serum that makes all sleep thieves sleep during the day.

17.9. 64. Take any opportunity to fall asleep, sleep thieves are not prepared to bother you all the time.

17.10. 65. Make a huge bubble with bed inside (similar to a zorbing one) that is moving all the time (or is on the water) and sleep thieves can't get you.

17.11. 66 Design the house like a labyrinth, with the bedroom as the most difficult place to reach, so that the lazy sleep thieves give up before succeeding in finding you.

17.12. 67. Become a sleep thieve!

17.13. 68. Go to a hypnotist - he will help you to fall into a very deep sleep.

17.14. 69. Sleep on a water bed, so the sleep thief can be kicked with the ripple effect of water