LSS Trainers' Coordinator responsibilities

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LSS Trainers' Coordinator responsibilities von Mind Map: LSS Trainers' Coordinator responsibilities

1. Trainers


1.1.1. communication provide needed info facilitate comm. in the team settle comm. channels online meetings agenda prepared outcomes shared make opportunity for feedback ideas and involvement give space for ideas and input

1.1.2. settle working methods online/offline documentation basic timeline to follow handle tasks, deadlines

1.1.3. training sessions needs analysis for pax needs analysis for trainers what they would like to deliver what can they deliver session responsibles create schedule share materials, give support provide training materials manage and follow training preparations be present at group meetings create harmony between sessions divide pax to training sessions

1.1.4. out-of-training activities reflection groups LSSx inspirational session sharing and creating opporunity unreasonable time NGO introduction

1.1.5. team building ad group dynamics get to know decision making have fun

1.1.6. Shared vision setting goals together session goals should harmonize with main goals and each other everyone should be aware of the main and session goals and more or less the content


1.2.1. prep meeting before event get to know, teambuilding shared vision agenda upcoming activites, sessions get to know with OC and venue

1.2.2. prep. and delivery have rooms prepared training materials prepared have trainers there who don't deliver but support clean room after yourself

1.2.3. announcements to pax

1.2.4. trainers' meetings make agenda how did the day go how does everyone feel feedback, remarks next day facilitate

1.2.5. evaluation for sessions for event, what to change

1.2.6. pax team building

1.2.7. out-of-training activity reflection groups attend parties supporting creating and sharing opportunities flashmob

1.2.8. create optional sessions


1.3.1. evaluation pax trainers organizational things

1.3.2. follow-up hand-outs reflection groups? communication

2. Pax

2.1. needs analysis

2.2. selection ???

2.3. teasers before event

2.4. communication

2.4.1. before event intro team building homework what to prepare for the event

2.4.2. during event announcements geet feedback from them team building activities

2.4.3. after event hand-out sharing facebook...

2.5. dividing them to sessions

2.6. set with OC who communicates what to them

2.7. flashmob

3. Organising Commeetee


3.1.1. create shared vision set responsibilities explain to eachother a lot have 1-1 contact person from each side create schedule

3.1.2. timing and arrangement of meals breaks rooms distances

3.1.3. training materials and equipments

3.1.4. venue have enough rooms training (4) trainers (1) light noise TEMPERATURE air equipment set directions there INTERNET

3.1.5. out-of trainins thingies harmonize these with sessions events made together opening ceremony closing ceremony LSSx parties training free day sharing and creating opportunities inspirational session

3.1.6. FR provide them info for this if needed send thematic papers about event (if companies join the program)

3.1.7. travel issues reimbursements visa issues

3.1.8. sleeping rooms, place divide pax there set directions bathrooms separate rooms for trainers

3.1.9. Pax info for travel issues for FR things for survival guide


3.2.1. team building with them

3.2.2. daily meeting with them how was the day how do they feel feedback, remarks to us, to them next day

3.2.3. thank them for their work


3.3.1. evaluation

3.3.2. reports for partners?

4. Supervisory Board

4.1. set with them responsibilities

4.2. clear role of trainers' resp.

4.3. share expectations

4.4. what is SB doing

4.4.1. share it with trainers

4.5. knowledge transfer from them