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Notion of ... von Mind Map: Notion of ...

1. Mitt Ronney's philosophy

1.1. "When I was a boy I used to think becoming rich and becoming famous make me happy"

2. Power

2.1. Social Classes

2.1.1. the haves haughty disdainful show off

2.1.2. the under-priviledged

2.2. Financial and economic power

2.2.1. Incomes Caricature : Incomes

2.2.2. World inequalities Caricature : Modern slavery in the world

2.2.3. World companies present in many countries powerful don't have to obey many laws

2.3. Job

2.3.1. High position more ... powerful responsabilities work money

2.3.2. Small position

2.3.3. Welcome to the 21st century (p58)

3. Counter Power

3.1. protest movement

3.1.1. Occupy Wall Street Picture of Bennett (p60) Demonstrator represents the have-nots. Gangsters represent the priviledged who earn money on the under-priviledged back. The policeman and the arrestation represent the state who does nothing to better the situation but worsen it but not arresting the right person it sides with the rich. Photography : Anti-Wall Street demonstration in NY in September 2011 Caricature : Beware the banksters ! Caricature : Occupy Wall Street protestors

3.2. counter culture (60's)