Aldous Huxley audio book"Brave New World"

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Aldous Huxley audio book"Brave New World" von Mind Map: Aldous Huxley audio book"Brave New World"

1. Chapter 4-5: In these chapter we see new characters Lanina and Henry. Lanina is offended that cremated alpha and beta corpses don’t make better fertiliser than the gamma, delta and epsilon bodies. Henry has to explain to her that all people are chemically equal ,, even Epsilons are useful”. When Lanina questions whether epsilons mind being in that cast Henry says that no one can miss what they don't know. This explanation clarifies how the state restricts and tailors education to each caste. The conversation shows the effectiveness of state-run hypnopaedic discrimination and other castes obliviation and relentlessness.

2. Chapter 1: This novel begins with a guided tour for students at the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. There they are shown how humans are created, also they are divided in 5 classes: alpha, beta, gamma, delta and epsilons. This company is trying to achieve their only goal and it is to have a stabilized community.

2.1. Chapter 3: this chapter was similar to chapter 2, to sum up chapter 2-3 I want to say that these chapters are really unexpected and breathtaking they were about new technological improvements, but they were't minding our lives and tortured new created children just to improve their goal.

3. Chapter 2: The tour is finishing up in the Decanting Room, after that they proceed to a room where they are shown a group of Delta class humans that are being conditioned to hate books. Then the student learn of the process, it involves some techniques. to summarise it's a technique where Deltas are being programmed to hate something or love something. this process has a goal which is to make people hate books, and love the country.

3.1. Chapters 6-7: Bernard and Lanina travel to New Mexico where Bernard finds out that the director intended to exile him to Iceland. Moreover, this chapter introduces us with the geography of the Malpais paced reservation. It notes the language and stereotypes of racism used to dramatically oppose this space to the London of the previous chapters. Huxley showcases the caged, uncivilised world where people experience the joys and horrors of ageing, parenth Emotions are not conditioned into oblivion and where they’re permitted to make choices instead of living a programmed life. Here they first encounter John the savage a handsome golden haired white man dressed like an Indian who speaks in Shakespearean quotes. John’s mother is Linda the directors presumed dead girlfriend. Linda explains that director is John’s father.

4. Chapter 8: Bernard asks John to explain about his life. this chapter mostly is about John flashback in which john is a small child and Linda begind dating. some scenes are horrifying because Linda is spoken of bad words by other and she became something like prostitute on the Reservation. But never minding that she learned John to read.

4.1. Chapter 10: Here we return to London. The director want to fire Bernard from this job, despite that he is a good worker and does his job very well, Director thinks that Bernard is giving a bad example here. But Bernard took the Directors iilegitimate son and this situation turns around and now it's complicated Director is not happy of the Lindas and Johns appearance

5. Chapter 9: this chapter is more like a filling the gaps. this chapter constists of rest and personal interests work. Bernard is trying to arrange that John could go back to the real world while Lenina went on a soma holiday to get drunk. After Lenina came back from drinking Bernard tried to look in to her stuff, but does the opposite, he watched her with love in he's mind. After that Bernard and John meet up.

5.1. Chapter 11: Bernard keeped his job , but now the director is mad of the situation. Linda start to drink a lot of soma and goes to a coma. We learn that Bernard really appreciates and likes girls and sex. he expects that Helmholtz will be happy for him, but instead he shows sadness. Bernard then shows John around this civilized place and shows him everything but John isn't happy about it because he thought it would look not like this.

6. Chapter 12: Bernard wanted to throw a party for John, but ends up disgraced by others when John rejects the invitation. During this chapter Lenina still looks for an answer on why did John left her. John is starting to get along with Helmholtz and find a good talk, Bernard is not happy about that and is angry about it. Also John read his book to Helmholtz, but when Helmholtz started laughing he was disappoited and stops reading.

6.1. Chapter 13: This chapter is really interesting because Henry wanted to take Lenina to a date and he noticed somethings wrong, he asks her if she's ill or something. but she is upset about John. She tried to see other men but nothing stoped her to think about John. One day she takes some soma and goes to John to talk about real relationship and Lenina is thirsty of sex and want to have it right away, but John noticed this when she started to remove her clothes and named her a whore

7. Chapter 14: John hurries to the hospital to see her mother, because she was dying. John is crying and then a group of children are brought to a tour that for them to be inoculated against the fear of death. John is really mad and upset about this because the children don't understand the loss and are like robots and nothing else.

7.1. Chapter 15: After Johns mother died he gets really upset and when some guy arrives with a full box of soma for the children he gets mad and wants to save other from it and is starting to throw it away. Then Helmholtz and Bernard rush to the hospital of the situation and when they se him Helmholtz starts to help him while Bernard and the children are just looking at them in a mad look.

7.2. Chapter 16: To sum up this chapter John was explained why all of this is needed in our socety. Then he learns why they want to make this community and culture gone, he doesn't fell like the others and is really unhappy about this. He learns that they want to get rid of the old culture and make a better one, but John thinks it is worse than it was earlier.

7.3. Chapter 17: this chapter contains a lot of discussion and arguing. John says that humans cannot make their society how they want with no fear not emotions and etc. He thinks that the world should show us the real pain, suffer and happiness. But Mond tells him that this would bring a lot of trouble, but that doesn't change his mind

7.4. Chapter 18: The last chapter is a bit horrifying, John is leaving to the wilderness to live by himself. after a while he was found by some of the children and Lenina, then he collapses and when he wakes up he remembers just horrifying memories and decided to hang himself.