Water Filtration/Purification Device

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Water Filtration/Purification Device von Mind Map: Water Filtration/Purification Device

1. Filters in a timely manner

1.1. Filters at least 10 gallons a day

1.2. Larger surface area of the filter to increase efficiency of the filtering process

1.3. More porous filter components to allow the filter to be efficient and compact

2. Compact/Easy to Transport

2.1. For a small device, the device should be able to fit in a small backpack to easily transport

2.2. For a small scale device, the device should be no more than 3-5 pounds

2.3. For larger scale devices, the device should be able to disassemble and fit in around a 14x20in box for transport

3. Successfully Filter Water

3.1. Filter water to the point it will not make a human sick to drink it or clean things with

3.1.1. Removes harmful chemicals from the water

3.1.2. Cleanse elements as small as bacteria

3.1.3. Cleanse small debris

4. Durable

4.1. Withstand different pressures

4.2. Withstand different environments/climates

4.2.1. Hot/sun, cold/windy, rains/storms

4.3. Withstand drop tests

4.3.1. Sturdy/won't break easily

5. Easily Operated

5.1. No more than 5 steps to use

5.2. Assembly should require no complex tools

5.3. Assembly should require no energy source like an outlet or batteries

6. Easy to Clean

6.1. Filters and devices should be able to be lightly scrubbed and rinsed off with clean water

6.2. Filters should be solid enough to not let insects or other organisms into the device, which will ensure the cleanliness of the water

7. Reusable

7.1. Device should last at least 10 years

7.2. Filters should be able to last for a month or so before needing to be changed

7.2.1. This will be hard to attain, so an alternative could be a way to scrub the filter to get more use out of it?

8. Relatively Inexpensive

8.1. Should be around or under $50 to purchase product

8.2. The filters, because they will likely have to be replaced, should be very cheap

8.2.1. Components used in filters should be easy to get

8.2.2. You can access components year round