Arts, Culture & Heritage

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Arts, Culture & Heritage von Mind Map: Arts, Culture & Heritage

1. social importance

1.1. beautify public spaces

1.1.1. give character & grandeur in SG CBD - sculptures by Salvadore Dali, Botero used in Italian piazzas - Baroque facades, geometric paving and elaborate water fountains

1.2. raise awareness of social issues

1.2.1. Haresh Sharma's Off Centre touches on social stigma & prejudices towards mental illnesses - challenges/ redefines/ portray in a different light/ shines light on struggles & discrimination they face in society

1.2.2. 13 Reasons Why - facilitates open conversations on suicide & mental health

1.3. reflect social reality

1.3.1. uphold social justice & expose deep-seated flaws in society Harper lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" & Mildred Taylor's "Road To Memphis" - deals w racism & exposes racial prejudices against Black community, once banned from sch libraries for extreme racism & racial slurs Rise: Ini Kalilah a Malaysian film that exposes the corruption within the Malaysian policeforce & authorities through the GE14 "The Hate U Give" - a film on police brutality & racial injustice towards AAs in the US

1.3.2. testimony to history "Playing for Time" - Arthur Miller's play a living reminder of the Holocaust & the atrocities of the Nazis => keep history remembered, validation for their suffering

2. political expression

2.1. Indian primary school faces sedition charge after play about citizenship law

2.2. Haresh Sharma's "Gemuk Girls" on family politics and social politics

2.3. Alfian Saat's "Cooling-Off Day" on 2011 GE

3. medical value

3.1. art therapy

3.1.1. music for speech therapy

3.1.2. painting/ dancing for Parkinson's

3.2. creative expression is cathartic & conducive for mental well-being

4. role in education

4.1. "inquiry into humanity" - arts incorporated into student's syllabus thru Humanities, Music/ Art/ Drama Elective Programmes specially designed to develop talents of apt

4.2. provide nice balance // science-centric -> expand scope of opportunities & quality of arts education available

4.2.1. eg. SOTA, LASELLE, NAFA

5. economic value

5.1. tourism industry - SG as an arts investment hub

5.1.1. Arts Stage Singapore & Affordable Art Fair

5.2. conducive environment for innovation & new discoveries -> foster competitiveness

5.2.1. The Renaissance City Plan in 2000

6. entertainment value

6.1. humour & emotional appeal

6.1.1. Toy Story Movie Series

6.2. escape from reality

6.2.1. Fast & Furious , Marvel Series - extreme stunts and unrealistic scenes


7.1. central to religion

7.1.1. architectural art eg. the Blue Mosque, the Parthenon Marbles, the Buddhas of Bamiyan

7.2. in preserving heritage/ history of a community

7.2.1. art exhibitions displaying diversity of a country eg. SCCC, Kampong Glam

7.2.2. War Museums - Auschwitz Camp Museum, SG War Memorial, VNM War Remnants Museum


8.1. collective cultural quotient, a community's 'soft power'

8.1.1. traditions, oral history (through storytelling across generations), fashion cuisine, ceremonies/ celebrations etc.

8.1.2. ABENOMICS - Japan using cultural heritage to assert influence - through anime/ manga comics, architecture eg. fusuma (sliding doors) , cuisine (udon, tempura, sushi)

8.2. a cultural iconography/ capstone to memoralise & honour milestones, immortalising past achievements to inspire future generations

8.2.1. *LINK TO THE ART CREATED IN RELATION TO THESE DAYS SG50 Commemoration - pop-up art pavillion/ exhibitions Heritage Day in South Africa to celebrate start of democracy - Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition Reconciliation Day - end of apartheid in SA => Soweto Art and Craft Fair, Mnquma Jazz Arts and Culture Festival Juneteenth - the end of slavery in US => exhibitions on Black history & their progress presenting Black artists' work