Timothy's Mind Map

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Timothy's Mind Map von Mind Map: Timothy's Mind Map

1. Past

1.1. Philippines

1.1.1. Born April 18, 2000

1.1.2. Extroverted when I was young Knew everyone in the neighborhoods Never hesitated to take a spot light

1.1.3. Sports Played Basketball Learned how to ride a bike Loved to run around

1.2. Moving to Canada

1.2.1. First time flying in an airplane Thought it would be cool to be a pilot

1.2.2. Interest in the personal computer Dad bought a computer Bonded over playing video games with him

1.2.3. Aspired to be an astronaut Learned about space @ my first school in Canada

1.3. Cool things that happened

1.3.1. Watched the 2010 Olympic games I was at a McDonald's Everyone was screaming after Crosby scored @ OT

1.3.2. Watched the Vancouver Stanley Cup Finals w/ a really big screen outside a mall I was disappointed when they lost But got a free hockey stick

1.3.3. Went camping @ Cultus Lake Almost got swept by the river First time that I ate smores

1.4. Notable Information

1.4.1. Moved twice First lived @ Vancouver then moved to Surrey Surrey->Burnaby

1.4.2. Made many sports teams Basketball Track Volleyball

1.4.3. High school Made many friends in high school Got a taste of being an "adult"

2. Present

2.1. Video Games

2.1.1. How I bond with most of my friends Can communicate anywhere Let me blow off some steam

2.1.2. League of Legends Made new friends due the playing this game

2.1.3. Built a computer Taught me how to save money Was really confusing but it was really fun

2.2. Where I've travelled

2.2.1. US Went to Disneyland Shopping in Seattle

2.2.2. Alberta Visited my family Watched the Stampede

2.2.3. Hong Kong Experienced new dishes Was in awe of the different ways people went about their day

2.3. What I've been up to

2.3.1. Music Helps me focus Makes things that I'm doing even more fun

2.3.2. Work Gave me a new perspective on how life works Gave me skills that can help me in the future

2.3.3. Shoes Camped out w/ friends to buy cool shoes Made it into a little business

2.4. Activities/Personality

2.4.1. Ultimate Chilling with friends Physical activity

2.4.2. Eating out Cool new restaurants Bubble Tea runs Experience different cuisines

2.4.3. Personality Less extroverted Humorous Sometimes moody

3. Future

3.1. Future Career

3.1.1. Work with Intel or AMD Pursue a career geared towards computers Improving technology for the world

3.1.2. Start a small clothing line Something like street wear related To express my love of music and shoes Aspire to be the next Virgil Abloh

3.1.3. Astronaut Childhood dream I want to see space Visit the ISS

3.2. Future Interests

3.2.1. Coach a volleyball team Build relationships w/ younger people Encourage others to keep up he physical activities

3.2.2. Reading To get into the habit of reading Helps strengthen my brain and imagination

3.2.3. Build a car Seems like a cool challenge

3.3. Future Goals

3.3.1. Set a new World Record Make my life unforgettable

3.3.2. Own a house Prove that I can be secure financially Where my family can take root

3.3.3. Start a family Start caring for something more personal Have kids!

3.4. Future Travel Spots

3.4.1. Hawaii See the beautiful beaches Explore the volcanoes

3.4.2. Europe Backpacking w/ my closest friends around Europe Delve deep into the history and the grandeur

3.4.3. Africa See the wildlife Give to the less unfortunate