Propaganda in China

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Propaganda in China von Mind Map: Propaganda in China

1. Using Chinese to influence censorship policies abroad (Cambodia)

2. Stance supporting the Party and the leader

3. showing off strength

4. Expansion in South China Sea

4.1. New surface to air missiles in the region

4.2. More naval presence to counter the U.S.

5. Diaoyu Islands/Senkaku

5.1. 中國一点都不能少

6. Internal

6.1. Internet censorship

6.1.1. 50 cent army

6.1.2. Banning of foreign social media

6.2. The media must be surnamed the party 黨媒姓黨

6.3. Newspapers: People's Daily

6.4. The intended audiences are citizens inside China

7. social media influence

7.1. e.g. tiktok

7.2. Casting doubt

7.3. Use role models/artists/idols to help deliver a message

7.3.1. Friends of China

8. tools

8.1. Use of slogans

8.2. CCTV

8.3. Poster

8.4. News report

8.5. social media

8.6. Radio

9. China dream

10. Censorship

10.1. self censorship

10.1.1. weibo/wechat post

10.1.2. Deleting own posts on Wiebo/Wechat public accounts

10.1.3. Self-removal of articles by news companies

10.1.4. Precaution when typing/posting

10.1.5. Even in private chats

10.2. state censorship

10.2.1. national pride

10.3. state censorship e.g. hiding number of casualties of hazards

11. Money and investment

11.1. authoritarianism

11.2. BRI

11.3. Funding political parties in the U.S., e.g. Cindy Yang

12. state power

12.1. soft power

12.1.1. confucius institutions Falun gong traditional belief

12.1.2. exporting Chinese cultural content Chinese drama Chinese music Chinese films CGTN, CCTV abroad

12.1.3. journalist training Belt and Road journalist forum Super China

12.1.4. Censorship in private chats (ex. WeChat)

12.2. sharp power

12.2.1. economic sanction

12.2.2. suspension of bilateral relationship

12.2.3. bribing foreign politicians

13. 結束一黨專政

14. Taiwan

15. 結束一黨專政