Accident Insurance

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Accident Insurance von Mind Map: Accident Insurance

1. product

1.1. operations

1.1.1. MTAs

1.1.2. claims ePost Receiving physical mail Roland sends physical mail process Roland - get cover state Roland - create claim (?) claims partner training contracts

1.1.3. automatic MTAs on age change

1.2. tech

1.2.1. TIA LoB - DONE

1.2.2. consent management

1.2.3. backoffice roles and permissions (D&G) show policy (PLC) purchase flow (PLC)

1.2.4. ePost platform integration (Documents)

1.2.5. underwriting (UW) monthly/yearly payment multiple insured persons pricing config tariff algo

1.3. documents

1.3.1. IPID

1.3.2. Policy

1.3.3. KIB

1.3.4. T&C "Beitragsanpassung" credit card

1.3.5. PDF claim forms store claims form as just another static document?

1.4. installment frequency (Numbers)

1.4.1. monthly - DONE

1.4.2. quarterly REI adjustments Configure TIA earnings run down

1.4.3. half-yearly REI adjustments configure TIA earnings run down

1.4.4. yearly - DONE

1.4.5. one-off

1.5. Vermittlerinkasso (Numbers)

1.5.1. payment broker payment (Numbers) payment sync file

2. SDV

2.1. tech

2.1.1. Sync between SDV and Element policy (UW) prevent document creation? bulk tool define file structure payment (Numbers) bulk tool define file structure MTA (PLC) other cancellation

2.1.2. integration INNOSYSTEMS API integration calculator

2.1.3. api quote API (UW) pricing validations policy API (UW) validations

2.1.4. partner setup (D&G)

2.1.5. product setup (D&G)

2.2. legal

2.2.1. setup legal framework cooperation contract power of underwriting bafin notification

2.3. documents

2.4. operations

2.4.1. setup Roland

2.4.2. email accounts

2.4.3. commision report?

2.5. finance

2.5.1. requirements

2.6. claims

2.6.1. no customer portal

2.6.2. should customer portal be provided later?


3.1. dynamic documents

3.1.1. policy doc multiple insured person

3.1.2. other documents

3.2. legal

3.2.1. cooperation contract

3.2.2. check WLPF

3.3. operations

3.3.1. setup Roland

3.3.2. email accounts

3.3.3. commission reports

3.4. tech

3.4.1. B2B WLPF payment frequency complex quote validation occupation display simple list search box multiple insured person create 34 WLPF

3.4.2. customer portal claims form PDF form download customer merging policy details page

3.4.3. api quote API pricing calculator policy API

3.4.4. product setup

4. Go-live SDV

4.1. after go-live SDV

4.1.1. go-live IGBV after go-live IGBV later