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Marlin Booking Apps von Mind Map: Marlin Booking Apps

1. Home

1.1. Ferry

1.1.1. Booking Select Origin - Destination Select Departure Date Select Trip Type One Way Round Trip Fill Passenger's Amount Choose For Indonesian or Not Click Search One Way Round Trip

1.1.2. E-Ticket Show List of Data Search Ferry Filter Select City Select Schedule Choose Ticket Type Fill Passenger's Amount Click Confirm

1.2. Attraction

1.2.1. Show List Data of Country

1.2.2. Search Country

1.2.3. Choose Country Show List Data of Attraction Search Attraction Choose Country Show Detail of Attraction Fill Package Options Select Date Click Buy

1.3. Show 5 Attractions

2. My Booking

2.1. Active History

2.1.1. Show Data List of Active Order Reschedule Order Processing

2.2. Booking History

3. Help

3.1. Ferry Booking

3.1.1. Fill Customer's Email Address

3.1.2. Fill Description (min 15 char)

3.1.3. Click Send

3.1.4. Call Support

3.2. E-Ticket

3.2.1. Fill Customer's Email Address

3.2.2. Fill Description (min 15 char)

3.2.3. Click Send

3.2.4. Call Support

3.3. Attraction

3.3.1. Fill Customer's Email Address

3.3.2. Fill Description (min 15 char)

3.3.3. Click Send

3.3.4. Call Support

4. Profile

4.1. Edit Profile

4.1.1. Edit First Name

4.1.2. Edit Last Name

4.1.3. Fill Phone Number

4.1.4. Click Update My Profile

4.2. Change Password

4.2.1. Fill Current Password

4.2.2. Fill New Password

4.2.3. Fill Re-Type New Password

4.2.4. Click Save Changes

4.3. Language / Currency

4.3.1. Language Choose Language English Bahasa Indonesia

4.3.2. Currency Choose Currency Indonesia Rupiah

4.4. Terms of Service

4.5. Privacy Policy

4.6. Rate Marlin's App

4.7. Logout