TE-services = Public employment and business services

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TE-services = Public employment and business services von Mind Map: TE-services = Public employment and business services

1. Values in the daily job – civil servant’s ethics. Edita, Helsinki 2005 http://vm.fi/documents/10623/307711/Values_in_the_daily_job_publicatio n+140105.pdf/c075c517-3a76-4e24-9a89-e4a31d7421e2

2. OECD.2000. Trust in government. Ehthics measures in OECD countries. http://www.oecd.org/gov/ethics/48994450.pdf

3. Equality

3.1. all customers are equal to get services

4. Trust

4.1. same services in every part of Finland

5. Responsibility

5.1. responsibility to answer for both the public and the government

6. Neutrality and impartiality

6.1. Not to be bought, no corruption. Fair to both unemployed and employers.

7. Transparency

7.1. Services are based on the law

8. Public service

8.1. for all customers

9. Free for customers

9.1. No fees for the unemployed or for the employers mostly

10. Quality

10.1. all customers are equal. Servives are affordable for the government.

11. Experitise

11.1. high standards for TE-workers. Services for unemployed and for employers

12. Service principal

12.1. public good

13. Effectiveness

13.1. solutions without delay, with low cost.

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