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1. How have my ideas regarding technology changed?

1.1. Prior to the module I feel like I had a good grasp of what technologies are. I knew technologies were any method, knowledge or tool. I feel that through reviewing all the provided content I was able to not only learn a more dynamic definition of technologies but also have a better understanding of why technologies are vital to us as individuals and as a society and the price we pay for engaging or using technologies. One area that has changed my ideas on technologies is the affects of technologies. I learned more in depth that there is also a resulting negative effect from the use of technologies. We can stay connected online but constant internet use can become addicting and have physical affects on our mental health and physical health, like our eyes. Development in manufacturing means we can have better methods and tools to farm agriculture. We can develop innovative means of transportation too. However, the resulting negative effect is global-warmning as production of everything has damaging impacts to the environment. To me, my idea of how technologies have varying negative affects on us as individuals and society was a highlighting comparison for me as we generally speak of how great technologies are.

2. My thoughts on technology prior to the module

2.1. I think technology is any tool or advancement that is produced by humans that aids in effectively and efficiently completing a goal or task. Technology is present in areas such as: food, medicine, transport and of course, information systems such as electronics. Technology can be newly developed but it also can be re-invented and it re-developed. Technology to me is a method as well as a tool. As society evolves and is continuously learning, it can be expected that our technologies will evolve with us as well. An early and simple form of a technological advancement that comes to mind, off the top of my head is: fire. This was an essential tool/method in which assisted humans complete tasks more efficiently and effectively. Fire allowed for food to be safely consumed, provided light in the dark and heat in the cold. Fire is a simple, yet vital, technological advancement of that era that we still use to date.

2.2. Agriculture/Food

2.3. Health Care/Medicine

2.4. Transportation

2.5. Information Systems

3. New definition of technology post module

3.1. What I would define technology as post module is: Technology is any method, knowledge or tool in which is considered an asset which aids and enables an individual or society, to complete a task or further develop in a positive way but also with some resulting negative affects or impacts overall.

4. Why do we need new technologies? There were three standout videos and one journal article that peaked my interest the most:

4.1. From this video I was able to take away that we need new technologies to meet our needs as individuals and as a society. Technologies are methods and tools that allow us to meet basic requirements such as plumbing to have access to clean water, an umbrella is a tool to keep dry in the rain and electronics that also allow us to stay connected to one another.

4.2. This video was great at showing on a visual timeline how technologies have developed and been used for educational purposes throughout the years. It was a great way at seeing the importance of technologies in education. We need technologies in order to continue to learn and grow our knowledge and application of that knowledge and in turn, the technologies we need and use will grow and develop with us.

4.3. This video featuring Kevin Kelly was thought provoking as he expanded on what I believed technologies to be. Kevin Kelly explained the history and origin of the word technology as well as how technologies have progressively developed since the beginning of human application and use of technologies. Kelly also explained the energies of technologies and its role and effects on a larger scale within the universe. Through this video I was able to have a better philosophical understanding of the purposes of technologies in our lives and the price we pay for using technologies.

4.4. "[...] technology is a wonderful, amazing, always-changing bags of tricks that help the human being to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives (although these could take place the other way around). To a scientist, technology is the end product of one's research; to an engineer, it is a tool or process that can be employed to build better products or solve technical problems; to an attorney, it is intellectual property to be protected and guarded; to a business executive, it may be the most important, yet least understood company asset." (Li-Hua, R. (2007), "What is technology?", Journal of Technology Management in China, Vol. 2 No. 3. Paragraph 2. https://doi-org.library.sheridanc.on.ca/10.1108/jtmc.2007.30202caa.001)

4.4.1. Reading this journal article was a great way in understanding and defining technologies and how technologies are used and managed in a variety of working fields. The quoted sentence stood out to me the most because it displayed most clearly to me how technologies may be defined differently to different or groups of people, however, technologies are tools, methods or information that aids and assists us to continue to develop, complete tasks and/or live life more conveniently.

5. References

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