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Laurie Saunders by Mind Map: Laurie Saunders

1. The Wave

1.1. At the beginning

1.1.1. Likes the introduction of discipline

1.1.2. Protects The Wave when somebody talks criticaly about The Wave

1.2. In between

1.2.1. Sees critical aspekts

1.2.2. Writes an article where she ctitisizes the Wave

1.3. At the end (didn't read yet)

1.3.1. Against The Wave

2. Friends

2.1. Amy Saunders

2.1.1. Got caught in The Wave very fast

2.2. David

2.2.1. Also got caught in The Wave

2.2.2. Introduced it to school football team

3. Parents

3.1. Father

3.1.1. Likes the idea

3.1.2. Thinks that anything what

3.2. Mother

3.2.1. Critical thoughts from the first moment on

3.2.2. Was very surprised about the big changes

3.2.3. Realized that Laurie didn't like it aswell so much

4. Publications office

4.1. Editor-in-chief

4.2. Paper comes always too late

4.3. Uses it to write about the Wave

4.3.1. She wasn't sure if it is good to write about it

4.3.2. Reasons why she wrote about the Wave The letter she got she got about senior members making down junior non-members David broke up with her Boy was beaten after he denied joining the Wave