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True Tess by Mind Map: True Tess

1. Design

1.1. Dimension

1.1.1. tags of problems vector calculus Graphical Imagination lengthy

1.1.2. Type of Problem MCQ with Single Correct Answer MCQ with Multiple Correct Answer Integer type answer

1.1.3. level of Difficulty

1.1.4. Type of exams

1.1.5. concept Axis subject Unit

1.2. Result Analysis

1.2.1. Basic Analysis/ Status No of Questions Attempted No of questions correct Total no of questions Accuracy defined as correctness percentage out of attempted questions time taken to attempt question paper Average time to attempt question paper

1.2.2. Deep analysis/diagnosis Truetess index Difficulty Index Accuracy index Time index Concept index Clarity Index(Misconception Index) Tags Index Truetess Charts Personalised Charts Common Charts

1.3. Motivation

1.3.1. Set and compare with ideals

1.4. Treatment Strategy

1.4.1. Follow up system

2. Management

2.1. Objective of Project

2.2. Idea of the project

2.2.1. Life learning education

2.3. Deck for the project

2.4. Website

2.5. Todo


3. Website

3.1. Database

3.1.1. Requirement from data base 1. support for query demanding questions from any combination of concept axis And 2. Support for query demanding questions from any combination of difficulty level And 3. Support for query demanding question from any combination of type of questions And 4. Support for query demanding question from any combination of exams . 4. Support for inserting, deleting , moving and modifying the elements of the concept axis And 5. Support for inserting, deleting, moving and modifying a question its solution and hint and answer at desired place in concept axis. And 7. Support for modifying, adding and deleting the tags of a question. 6. Support for tagging a question for the type of question and the difficulty of the question and the exam for which it is meant And

3.2. User Stories

3.3. Sitemap

3.3.1. Home

3.3.2. blog

3.3.3. userpage newsfeed login navigation button Sitemap

3.3.4. Admin page

3.4. process

3.4.1. question Selection Algorithm diffrential binary devision selection algorithm finish Test NO time limit but no of questions limited

3.4.2. Sign Up Role of user

3.4.3. Sign in tutor Generated customised test parent link a student student take online test Generate Customised offline test

4. Content

5. Reasearch

5.1. Additional features

5.1.1. Life story of legend

5.2. list of website to refer




6. Concept of Truetess

7. Revenue Model

7.1. Referral offer

7.2. Trial Offer