Paul Gladoon

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Paul Gladoon by Mind Map: Paul Gladoon

1. Collaboration with PM

1.1. Helps to improve collaboration within team

1.2. Assist with Scrum process optimization

1.3. Introduces suggestion for "DEMO" to the client

1.4. Outlines communication gaps

1.5. Prvides

1.5.1. Testing Approach

1.5.2. QA Estimation tables

1.5.3. QA Satus

1.5.4. Testing Risks

1.5.5. QA Reports

1.5.6. Test Artifacts

1.5.7. Requirements suggestions

1.5.8. Lists of points to be clarified

1.5.9. Lists of questions to the client, product owner or stakeholders

2. Collaboration with Business Analyst

2.1. Assists and participate in requirements analysis

2.2. Helps to have more critical view on requirements

2.3. Provides

2.3.1. Requirements analysis results

2.3.2. Suggestions and improvements for requirements

2.3.3. Found gaps and inconsistencies

2.3.4. Testable / not testable statements for requirements

2.4. Gets

2.4.1. Requirements to be analyzed

2.4.2. Business and market requirements for a product

2.4.3. Target audience and user portraits

2.4.4. Needs and goals product should achieve

3. Collaboration with Developers

3.1. Helps to understand and sync with tasks requirements from end-user prospective

3.2. Assists with automated tests within TDD/BDD

3.3. Collaborates during development process

3.4. Outlines needs and expectations of features/user stories to be developed

3.5. Participates in "ii it a bug or feature" discussions

3.6. Plans and discusses upcoming testing activities

3.7. Provides

3.7.1. Bug reports

3.7.2. Bug verification result

3.7.3. Scope, Features, User stories testing results

3.7.4. QA Reports

3.7.5. Lists improvements and suggestions

4. Collaboration with Dev. Team Lead

4.1. Helps to improve collabaration with developers

4.2. Assists with leadership and coaching activities

4.3. Discusses the project and team objectives

4.4. Facilitates problem solving and collaboration

4.5. Analyzes task accomplishment, issues and status

4.6. Improves QA - Developer communications

4.7. Provides,reviews, discusses and finalizes testing approach, strategy and plans

4.8. Outlines possible "week points" in development process

4.9. Makes suggestions regarding strengthening the team

4.10. Removes, escalates and facilitates conflict situations

4.11. Assists in meetings with client, stakeholders and product owner

4.12. Helps to define scenarios for DEMO-meetings