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Learner Profile by Mind Map: Learner Profile

1. Differentiation Strategy for Carl (Student 2): Visual accompany for vocabulary and graphic organizers

1.1. Carl will be given visual stimuli from google images, rather than definitions in words, when presented with new vocabulary. He will be given the option of listening to kid-friendly lectures on his chosen topic on youtube. He is also able to work on his project in an environment away from the class so that he is not distracted from stimuli. He will also be provided with a fill-in-the-blank graphic organizer of topics and ideas that he is covering, rather than taking notes from scratch in his notebook.

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3. Differentiation Strategy for Carl (Student 2): Assignment requirements

3.1. Carl will be required to write less than his peers. His paper can be one to two pages. He can use the app called Dragon Dictation as writing will be difficult. As he a strong presenter, he can focus more of his presentation on vocally presenting the material to the class and teacher.

4. Differentiation Strategy for Abood (Student 1): Visual presentation and partner help

4.1. Abood will be able to use a friendly helper in the class with interpreting the resources he uses. He will also be allowed to use google translator and have students in the class help translate the 'big ideas' of the resources. When presenting to the class, he can make a scripted video as his presentation rather than presenting face to face. He will stand in front of the class and show his video.

4.1.1. Abood's assignment will be decreased to 1-2 pages rather than 3-5 pages. Articles presented to him will be coming from the EAL-friendly website, EAL Nexus or Ducksters. He will watch youtube videos with easier to understand visual comics such as 'Dizzo' to grasp a better understanding of what life was like in ancient times.

5. Learner profile for student 2

5.1. Age and background: Carl is student who has been diagnosed with dyslexia. He is in Year 7 (6th grade). He has attended the school for four years.

5.2. English proficiency: His first language is Arabic. He has become proficient in English but still struggles immensely with reading and writing as he is diagnosed with dyslexia.

5.3. Carl does well with auditory stimuli. He can recite and present material with speaking presentations with more ease than writing reports.

6. Learner Profile for student 1

6.1. Age and background: Abood is a Year 7 (6th grade) student who has recently moved to an international school.

6.2. English proficiency: He is from Jordan and has had very little exposure to the English language. He requires EAL assistance.

6.3. Abood has consistently scored low on EAL scores and he has also scored low with reading and writing tests in his native language, Arabic.

6.4. Academic strengths: Abood has achieved higher scores in Math.

7. Mind Map Ideas for Learner Profiles

8. Differentiation Strategies for Abood (student 1): Keyword journal

8.1. Abood will have a journal with keywords that he gains along the way of his journey. Because languages are not his strong point, he will be guided to learn, record, and

8.2. The teacher will pre-teach scaffolded vocabulary to Abood when conferencing during work time. The teacher will make sure that Abood is "in the know" about the gists of the lessons.

9. Learning Objectives

9.1. Common Core for writing for history/social studies, Grade 6: Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source; provide an accurate summary of the source distinct from prior knowledge or opinions.

9.2. Students will find hardback sources from the library

9.2.1. Students will also find sources coming from the internet.

9.3. Students will revise how to accurately use references and create a bibliography

9.4. Students will be creating a diary of a assigned citizen or king who was living in ancient times along the Nile River. The diary will be three to five pages long. Students will have a strong focus on using their sources and properly referencing those sources to create a clear picture using their words.

10. Students will be analyzing what life would be like to live in a certain time and place from the early periods of civilization along the Nile River based on hardback and internet sources. Students will take sources and make assumptions from those resources on what a day in the life of a person in a certain ancient culture would be like.