Theories of Goodwin.

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Theories of Goodwin. by Mind Map: Theories of Goodwin.

1. music videos create a certain genre of characteristics.

1.1. for example girl/boy bands tend have dance routines. as seen here:

1.2. or another example is rock bands normally have performance videos.

2. Relationship between lyrics and visuals

2.1. they can either have a strong link, like this:

2.2. or contradict them...

3. Relationship between music and visuals

3.1. music videos tend to have some sort of relationship between the music and the visuals, for example here all the actors/dancers are moving in time with the beat.

4. The record label will require close ups of the artist.

4.1. many record labels ask for the artist to be seen in the videos. for example here ed sheeran knew they wanted him to be in it however he didn't want to so used a puppet of him for most of it instead to fufil their wishes.

4.1.1. Goal

4.1.2. Goal

4.1.3. Goal

5. Artists may start to create their own visual style across their work.

5.1. Many people will start to be able to recognise artists work from their music video as many start to create their own visual style, for example:

5.2. another example is:

6. The frequent reference of "notion of looking"

6.1. The reference of looking can refer to looking at screens in videos, like in this video there is a brief moment where it shows the singer on a screen:

6.2. however it could also mean the reference of looking at women:

7. Often there are intertextual references.

7.1. there can be a lot of different types of intertextuality in music videos, for example here there is the reference to a film.

7.2. there can also intertexual references to things like social media