Natural Disasters

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Natural Disasters by Mind Map: Natural Disasters

1. Bushfires

1.1. Definition


1.1.2. Out of control fire or bush fires that happens usually caused by lighting fires or setting something a light

1.2. Example

1.2.1. The worst bushfires in Australia's history killed 173 people injured 400 people, and destroyed 4500 buildings. The fires burned 450 000 hectares of land.

1.3. Effects

1.3.1. smoke flying across the land and polluting the air and making us breath less fresh air

1.3.2. The effects of a bushfire is droughts, hot weather, a little rain, kills people and destroys farmlands

1.4. human impact

1.4.1. struggle with hard concentrating and hard to help people keep you house safe

1.5. Causes

1.5.1. Not putting out a fire

1.5.2. leaving a fire lit on a dry windy day

1.5.3. making a fire near flammable objects or hot areas.

1.5.4. small flames near glass objects

1.5.5. leaving a cigarette lit

1.5.6. putting fires in non allowed areas

1.5.7. Most fires are caused by lighting fire's or leaving them unatented

1.5.8. Having a unsafe fire near flammable objects or camps that are near trees

1.5.9. Fire's could be caused by heat waves.

2. Floods

2.1. Causes

2.1.1. Their most commonly formed by heavy rain. But not always causes by heavy rain.

2.2. Effects

2.2.1. could wipe out crops. witch could make our resources low and the prices increase.

2.3. Example

2.3.1. In 2010 Queensland experienced a lot of floods and heavy rainfall. Later that year a cyclone called Tasha raced across Queensland as well.

2.4. Human Impact

2.5. Definition

2.5.1. A flood is like a big rising water overflows onto normally on dry land.

2.5.2. after a few day the water it normally dry out after

3. Heatwaves

3.1. Causes

3.1.1. Climate change Global warming

3.2. Effects

3.2.1. Longer hotter summers

3.3. Example

3.3.1. There have been many heatwaves in Australia, including the 1939 heatwave which killed 438 people in South Australia.

3.4. Definition

3.4.1. A heat wave is a long period of hot weather.

3.5. Human Impact

3.5.1. As the temperature rises, people can experience heat stress.

3.5.2. Effects human health e

3.5.3. And it effects people because that get sweaty

3.5.4. You could get heat stroke which could kill you.

3.5.5. heat exhaustion, heat stroke, dehydration, heat rashes and swellings.

4. Earthquakes

4.1. Effects

4.2. Definition

4.3. Human Impact


4.4. Causes

4.4.1. people die houses get recked

4.4.2. tectonic plates in the earth's surface rub together

4.5. Examples

5. Cyclones

5.1. Causes

5.1.1. The energy for cyclones comes from warm oceans.

5.1.2. Another way cyclones can form is that they need thunder storm and a Weakening may also occur if the cyclone moves into an unfavourable wind regime which disrupts the structure of the system. Sometimes a decaying tropical cyclone may interact with a weather system in higher latitudes to cause impacts far from the tropics.

5.1.3. The surface temperature of the sea needs to be 26.5 degrees to start a cyclone

5.2. Effects

5.2.1. Slight damage to trees and crops on farms

5.2.2. Cyclones are categorised by their strength, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

5.2.3. Minor house damage

5.2.4. Severe damage to signs

5.2.5. Some houses flatened

5.2.6. Power failure

5.2.7. Roofs on houses

5.3. Examples

5.3.1. Darwin has had 5 cyclones in 5 years. 90 percent of darwin was deystroyed in 1987

5.4. Definition

5.4.1. A cyclone is a powerful whirlwind storm.It is also a system of winds rotating like a frisbee in the air.

5.5. Human Impacts

5.5.1. You will have no money and no where to live.

5.5.2. Farms will be destroyed by the cyclone and you will have no food.

5.5.3. We can drown from cyclones because they make huge floods

5.5.4. Animals can die leaves us with less food and farmers crops get sucked up

6. Droughts

6.1. Causes

6.1.1. Rainfall is low and irregular.

6.1.2. Australia is often affected by drought because of the change in rainfall pattern.

6.1.3. For most of countries our rainfall is very low and irregular. So many scientist believe that this drought was caused by El Nino .

6.2. Effects

6.2.1. There is less water for growing crops because of the drought The Great Plains was heavily ploughed and planted by the Dust Bowl Fresh water is our most precious resource if it would been dried up we would have died from thirst.

6.3. Example

6.3.1. A drought is when there is not enough water to serve humans, animals and plants.

6.4. Definition

6.4.1. A drought is when there is not enough water. El Nino is a weather condition that can wreck havoc.

6.5. Human Impact

6.5.1. There is less water.

6.5.2. Less food to feed people.

6.5.3. When there is a drought, there is less water available for growing crops, farming animals, industry and our cities.

7. Severe Storms

7.1. Effects