Tips for Writing Good Advertising Copy

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Tips for Writing Good Advertising Copy by Mind Map: Tips for Writing Good Advertising Copy

1. Overview

1.1. Effective advertising gets people interested in your business or service quickly and explains it clearly

1.2. Keep this list of tips handy for writing eye-catching, persuasive ad copy

2. Make your ads relevant and memorable.

3. Find, or invent, a creative hook.

4. Write the way people think.

5. Don't be ponderous or pompous.

6. Before writing an ad, know why people buy your products or services.

7. Remember that creativity is hard work

7.1. don't get lazy or discouraged.

8. Deliver the same message across all media.

9. Keep it simple

9.1. the consumer doesn't have time for complex copy.

10. Deliver your message with clarity.

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