My family by father and Mother

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My family by father and Mother by Mind Map: My family by father and Mother

1. My Grandfather

1.1. My uncle Javier

1.1.1. My Cousin Kevin

1.1.2. My Cousin Javier

1.1.3. My Cousin Ronal

1.2. My Uncle Santiago

2. My Grandmother

2.1. My aunt Anabel

2.1.1. My Cousin Anabelita

2.1.2. My Cousin Pedrito

2.2. My Father Carlos

2.2.1. My Sister Rosa

2.2.2. My Sister Andrea

2.2.3. Me Javier

3. My Grandfather

3.1. My Uncle Albino

3.1.1. My Cousin Marvin

4. My Grandother

4.1. My Uncle Jaime

4.1.1. My Cousin Linda

4.1.2. My Cousin Jaime

4.1.3. My Cousin Flor

4.2. My Mother Maribel

4.2.1. My Sister Estefanie

4.2.2. My Sister Johana

4.2.3. Me Javier