Ion Industries

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Ion Industries by Mind Map: Ion Industries

1. Fleet

1.1. Faction: UEE

1.1.1. Combat Division

1.1.2. Exploration Division

1.2. Faction: Pirate

1.2.1. Dark Operations

1.3. Faction: Unaligned

1.3.1. Racing Division Licensed Omega m50 350r Illicit Khartu'al

1.3.2. Industry Division Mining Orion Orion Transport Hull E Hull C Escorts Combat Division Dark Operations

2. Personnel

2.1. Permanent Members

2.1.1. Executive Traz Ion Redacted Redacted

2.1.2. Directors Hidden Hidden

2.1.3. Sub Director Hidden Hidden

2.1.4. Members Hidden Hidden

2.2. Moonlighters

2.2.1. Individuals Recruited from RP1 Network From non-sponsored Orgs

2.2.2. Sponsored Orgs

3. Goals

3.1. Operation Costs

3.1.1. 80% In the Black

3.1.2. 20% exchange of favor

3.2. Fleets Crewed

3.2.1. 30-90 crew with advanced notice.

3.2.2. 3-5 persons per Org willing/trained.

3.3. Empower Sponsored Orgs

3.3.1. Share tactical best practices. An effective Org is a stronger ally

3.3.2. Sponsored Orgs have a higher priority for Ion Industries fleet support

3.3.3. Return members to their Org with more training. Reciprocal benefit

3.4. Advanced Training of Members.

3.4.1. Officers

3.4.2. Crew

3.4.3. Pilots

3.4.4. Support

3.5. Match player preference to fleet role

3.5.1. Match training to desire One on one discussions & interview

3.5.2. Match ability to role training, personality and ability vetting

3.5.3. Provide flexibility for our moonlighters

3.6. Information Safety

3.6.1. Individuals Protect Main Character's Identity Protect connection to Main Org

3.6.2. Organizations Protect Org's participation in operations. Protect Sponsor Org's interest and information from dissemination to unauthorized.

3.7. High Morale

3.7.1. Enjoyable Missions

3.7.2. Rewarding Profit Praise

3.7.3. Camaraderie

3.7.4. Confidence in leadership

3.7.5. Conflict resolution

3.7.6. Leadership empowers members

3.7.7. Confidence in training

3.8. Successful Support History

3.8.1. Impact

3.8.2. Timely

3.8.3. Cost Effective

4. Security Concerns

4.1. NDA regarding Origin Org.

4.2. Do not mix moonlighters with conflicting interests based on the mission/customer.

4.2.1. Manage via referencing document

4.2.2. Policy aim: Avoid information spillage between opposed sponsors.

4.2.3. Draw only operatives from sponsor pool that has no record of conflicts of interest with customer being served.

4.3. Moonlighters will use alternate Characters from their Main Org.

5. Benefits: Sponsored Orgs

5.1. Services

5.1.1. All Ion Industries fleet assets will be provided

5.1.2. All fielded assets with LTI

5.1.3. Anonymity of Ion operatives, Non-org status & only generic association means we can be your Ace in the hole regardless of the circumstance. Unlocks sensitive operations possibility Protects against operation blowback

5.1.4. When utilizing our services, we supply the crew

5.1.5. Ship and Asset rental by special agreement

5.2. Benefits

5.2.1. Your Org Post Launch Customized operational needs met Immediate/Continuing Provide TS channel for recruiting. Provide Passive recruiting advertising visible to thousands of players.

5.2.2. Your Members Non taxed take home pay/shares Alternative role outside the strictures of regular org life. Training based on the preferred role Cross train in areas you may not have the opportunity in your Main Org or are not regularly assigned to. Advanced training within your specialty under different mentors, means a broader more capable person. Appreciation from one's Main Org as well as Ion Industries. Main Org's are grateful as participation builds a stronger mutual partnership. Ion Industries wants participants who have a home, but are willing to moonlight. People who are motivated, happy, and can do a great job.

6. Benefits: Private Partners

7. Revenue Generation

7.1. Missions

7.1.1. Clients Non-Associated Individuals Non-sponsored Orgs Associated Private Partners Sponsored Orgs

7.1.2. Internal

7.2. Million Mile High Club

7.2.1. Staffing Hidden Hidden Hidden

7.2.2. Marketing

8. Industry HR