Digital tools to increase academic success for the adult learner

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Digital tools to increase academic success for the adult learner by Mind Map: Digital tools to increase academic success for the adult learner

1. Adult learning has changed significantly over the years.

2. Advances in technology has increased the availability of digital tools. This has enabled the enhancement of learning in adult students and hence their success.

3. Asynchronous technology provides flexibility and convenience to adult learner

3.1. Supports global education hence encompassing a larger, diverse community.

3.2. New innovations are quickly absorbed and assimilated.

4. Increased availability and access to digital learning devices

4.1. The use of computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones in adult education.

5. Social networking used for educational advancement

5.1. Social software like, internet forums, online communities, e-mail, social network sites, instant messaging, texting

5.2. Web applications including Google Groups, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter

6. Resources

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7. Why Resources Were Chosen

7.1. I found information on the author

7.2. The articles that I used were fairly up to date- 4 to 5 years

7.3. The articles had a list of references, publication information.

7.4. The articles have information relating to my topic.