Poster Taglines

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Poster Taglines by Mind Map: Poster Taglines

1. Pills don't save lives

1.1. The idea for this tagline connotes directly to the plotline, the pills the protagonist takes don't save her life as she is already dead, they prolong her suffering. This subverts the common attributes of pills which are supposed to save lives for the better.

2. On the doctors orders

2.1. This tagline implies the main characters termination has been prescribed by a doctor, this subverts the stereotypes of this phrase as medication given on 'the doctors orders' is supposed to make you better, however the treatment the protagonist is undergoing only makes her worse. This phrase is seen as a common 'pun', therefore using it to subvert its connotations plays a negative spin on it.

3. Didn't Work

3.1. This poster tagline is fairly short to gain more impact. It adds a note of suspense as questions are raised by the audience, What doesn't work? or What is the main issue?, a poster that raised questions proves to be the most effective as audience interaction in promoted.

4. Side effects guarenteed

4.1. This tagline follows the convention of tripling that many z-ombie films follow for their taglines. The use of three word makes the tagline more memorable. The tagline itself indicates that a problem will occur, this links to the equilibrium theory that during a film the equilibrium is affected due to a problem or the character being in danger.