My Great Family

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My Great Family by Mind Map: My Great Family

1. Great Grandmother Mary Great Grandfather

1.1. Aunt Leticia

1.1.1. Uncle Rafael Cousin Cindy Cousin Carolina Cousin Patricia

1.2. Aunt Luisa Uncle

1.2.1. Uncle Rosendo

1.3. Grandmother Tomasa

1.3.1. My mom Rosario Sister-in-law Aracely Nephew Fernando Niece Michaela Sister-in-law Rosy Nephew Anthony Brother-in-law Pedro Niece Belky Niece Tatiana My Wife Laly and I (Jerzy) Son Xavier Daughter Emily Brother Bayron Sister Karla

1.3.2. Aunt Abigail Cousin Yanira Cousin Omar Cousin Ana

1.3.3. Aunt Karina Cousin Rafael Cousin Teresa

1.3.4. Uncle Omar Cousin Mily

1.3.5. Aunt Marisol Cousin Jerder Cousin Javier Cousin Jarol

1.4. Aunt Victoria

1.4.1. Aunt Salome

1.5. Aunt Reyna