Clases de comparación

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Clases de comparación by Mind Map: Clases de comparación

1. Adjetivos largos

1.1. Igualdad

1.1.1. She is as beautiful as kate

1.2. inferioridad

1.2.1. She is less beautiful than bridget

1.3. Superioridad

1.3.1. My car is more expensive than your car

1.4. Superlativo

1.4.1. Tetris is the most difficult game in the world

2. Adjetivos Cortos

2.1. Igualdad

2.1.1. I am as tall as him

2.2. Inferioridad

2.2.1. I am less tall than you

2.3. Superioridad

2.3.1. My house is bigger than your house

2.4. Superlativo

2.4.1. My house is the biggest house in my city

3. XD