Copy of Clases de comparación

Freddy Ramos

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Copy of Clases de comparación by Mind Map: Copy of Clases de comparación

1. Adjetivo corto

1.1. Superioridad

1.1.1. I am faster than yo

1.2. superlativo

1.2.1. My car is faster the planet

1.3. Inferioridad

1.3.1. the car is less rapid than is

1.4. Igualdad

1.4.1. I am tam fast as my brother

2. Adjetivo largo

2.1. Superioridad

2.1.1. he eats more than his brother

2.2. Superlativo

2.2.1. my daughter eats more than all

2.3. Inferioridad

2.3.1. my son eats unless his family

2.4. Igualda

2.4.1. she eats as much as his mother