Clases de comparación

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Clases de comparación by Mind Map: Clases de comparación

1. Adjetivo largo

1.1. Igualdad

1.1.1. She is as important as you

1.2. Inferioridad

1.2.1. He is less important than you

1.3. Superioridad

1.3.1. He is more important

1.4. Superlativo

1.4.1. he is most important

2. Adjetivo corto

2.1. Igualdad

2.1.1. She is not so beautiful as Mary

2.2. Inferioridad

2.2.1. She is less intelligent than you

2.3. Superioridad

2.3.1. My dog is stronger

2.4. Superlativo

2.4.1. My dog is the strongest