1Direction - Mainstream

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1Direction - Mainstream by Mind Map: 1Direction - Mainstream

1. Genre

1.1. The genre they specialize in is Pop.

2. Target Audience

2.1. Teenagers

2.2. Young Girls

2.2.1. Their mothers

3. Merchandise

3.1. Lamp

3.2. Wrist Bands

3.3. Clothing

3.4. Watch

3.5. Toothbrush

3.6. Dolls

4. Record Label

4.1. Syco Music

4.1.1. Owned by Simon Cowell People under the label pop artists and XFactor finalists Cher Lloyd Little Mix Olly Murs James Arthur

4.2. Colombia Records

4.2.1. Ownership Sony Music Entertaintment Broad variety of artists from different genre's Beyonce Adele DJ Cassidy Calavin Harris

5. Backstory

5.1. Famous through XFactor and being the finalists

6. Purchasing?

6.1. iTunes

6.2. Amazon

6.3. Google play

6.4. Supermarkets