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Rosa by Mind Map: Rosa

1. Hobbies

1.1. Collecting objects

1.1.1. pictures I have a collection of older and newer pictures.

1.2. Basketball

1.2.1. I don't play much, but I do it in my free time.

1.3. Cooking

1.3.1. In my opnion, cooking can be relaxing.

2. Friends

2.1. Sebastion G.

2.1.1. I've known him since kindergarden and I can say he's my brother.

2.2. Sebrina H.

2.2.1. We find things that aren't funny to other people hilarious.

2.3. Chloe P.

2.3.1. I've know her for a year, but she's considered one of my bestfriends.

3. Pet Peeves

3.1. Repeating myself

3.1.1. IT gets annoying

3.2. Dogs barking

3.2.1. I hate the sound of dogs barking because it gets annoying.

3.3. Bells ringing

3.3.1. After I hear bells ringing, I feel like I can still hear them ringing.

4. Things I Know About

4.1. Random facts

4.1.1. Cheese is the most stolen food.

5. Goals

5.1. College

5.1.1. I plan to go to college and be the first one in my family to go.

5.2. Get a job

5.2.1. I want to work with animals and become a vet.

6. Wories/fears

6.1. Spiders

6.1.1. I find spiders disgusting.

6.2. Not finishing school

6.2.1. I fear not finishing school because without education I can't do much.

7. Memories

7.1. God father and god mother

7.1.1. I rember when they come to the house randomly.

7.2. Christmas

7.2.1. Every Christams we sppend our time eating with the familt.

8. Family

8.1. Pets

8.1.1. Taco I've had him for a year, but he still means the world to me.

8.2. Dad

8.2.1. My dad is very important to me.

9. How I spent my day

9.1. Taco

9.1.1. I spend most of my time with him.

9.2. T.V.

9.2.1. I find the show Mke & Molly interesting.

10. Media

10.1. Horror

10.1.1. Horror movies are the best.

10.2. Music

10.2.1. I usually listen to rap music.

11. My Identies

11.1. Creative

11.1.1. I draw in my own time.

11.2. Muscian

11.2.1. I've played the violin for years.