EDUC 476 Session 3 9/8

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EDUC 476 Session 3 9/8 by Mind Map: EDUC 476 Session 3 9/8

1. Square Activity

1.1. Collaboration

1.1.1. Groups worked together to make five squares out of random shapes.

1.1.2. Each member had a responsibility.

1.2. Class Discussion

1.2.1. Talked about strategies used and what the activity did.

1.2.2. We were tired, yet the activity instantly got us engaged.

1.3. Thoughts

1.3.1. Fun activities really do create instant engagement!

1.3.2. I learn more from these than I do straight lectures.

2. Class Changes

2.1. Confusion

2.1.1. Confused on where to turn in work.

2.1.2. BB felt like navigating a maze.

2.2. Changes to BB

2.2.1. All due work have links in weekly sessions.

2.2.2. Content modules easy enough.

2.3. Thoughts

2.3.1. I really like having links for everything due in weekly sessions.

2.3.2. Provides organization and I can check what I have to do in one spot

3. Google Maps

3.1. Encapsulation

3.1.1. Isolated populations tend to have specific characteristics.

3.1.2. It is good to look beyond our capsule and study the capsule our students live in.

3.2. The Map

3.2.1. Find locations that are significant to the students.

3.2.2. Can be anything, from 7-11, the mall they hang out at, even the spooky house dares happen at.

3.3. Thoughts

3.3.1. Honestly looks like a fun activity to do regardless of it being the final project. The possibilities are endless!

3.3.2. A great way to get to know your students, their lives, and the environment they live in.

4. Facilitation

4.1. Power Point

4.1.1. Review of the reading.

4.1.2. Provided engaging questions and thought provocation.

4.2. Students

4.2.1. Have to understand the students and their interests.

4.2.2. Must make learning relatable and engaging.

4.3. Thoughts

4.3.1. We have to be there for the students.

4.3.2. Passion, desire, and understanding are some of the most powerful tools we can have. There needs to be a will to learn and apply everything we can for our students.