Smart Sensor Basketball

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Smart Sensor Basketball by Mind Map: Smart Sensor Basketball

1. Advantage

1.1. Scientific method to improve performance

2. Disadvantage

2.1. Expensive

2.2. Hard to be popular

3. Background

3.1. Function

3.1.1. Shot Arc

3.1.2. Dribble Speed

3.1.3. Back Spin

3.1.4. Ball Handling

3.1.5. Shot Speed

3.2. Users

3.2.1. Basketball Players

3.2.2. Coaches

3.3. Aim

3.3.1. Design to be a digital coach in the shape of a basketball

3.3.2. Sharpen the basketball skills via using technological method

4. Future development

4.1. popularity

4.2. elderly

4.3. enlarge the underlying customers

5. How to use

5.1. Interact with an app and essentially teaches users skills to become a better player

5.2. The sensors send that data to the processor, which reads and analyzes the information and sends it via Bluetooth to an included app downloaded onto the player’s smartphone.