ISBE Regulations for ELLS

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ISBE Regulations for ELLS by Mind Map: ISBE Regulations for ELLS

1. Definitions

1.1. ACCESS for ELLs

1.1.1. Illinois Annual Measure of English Language Proficiency

1.2. WIDA ACCESS Placement Test(W-APT)

1.2.1. "Prescribed Screening Instrument" for students entering 2nd semester grade 1 or in grades 2-12

1.3. Measure of Developing English Language (MODEL)

1.3.1. "Prescribed Screening Instrument" for students entering Kindergarten- 1st semester grade 1

1.4. "Prescribed Screening Procedures"

1.4.1. age and culturally appropriate

1.4.2. multiple measures and methods used

1.4.3. involve family and knowledgeable staff

1.5. "Limited English Language Proficient"

1.5.1. Students do not have to be foreign born

2. Program Options, Placement and Assessment

2.1. Once a year, districts must assess listening, speaking, reading and writing

3. Student Language Classification Data

3.1. Information should be entered in the Student Information System (SIS) by 3/1

3.2. Language background other than English (home language), birthdate, if identified as English Language Learner through screener, achievement levels of screener

4. Identification of Eligible Students

4.1. Home Language Survey (HLS)

4.1.1. Given to all K-12 students the first time they register

4.2. Language of HLS

4.2.1. English and home language if available

4.3. Who is screened for English Language Proficiency?

4.3.1. Anyone with a language background other than English

4.4. In what time frame?

4.4.1. Within 30 days except when identified as proficient except when meeting state exit requirements except when no screeners/services provided and student meets or exceeds standards on grade level state normed assessments

4.5. Preschool Students

4.5.1. Screen informally through performance, work samples and info from knowledgeable staff and family members

4.6. Parent Requests

4.6.1. All parent requests to screen should be complied with

4.7. IEP Accommodations

4.7.1. Any accommodations listed on IEP should be provided during screening process

4.8. Transfer Students

4.8.1. Transfer scores can be used if within 12 months of enrollment

5. Language Acquisition Services for Certain Students Leaving the Program

5.1. Equal Educational Opportunities Act (EEOA)

5.2. Districts can decide to discontinue TBE or TPI services for students who have not achieved English proficiency.

5.3. Must submit a plan that is specific to services and methods, goals for English and academics, language of instruction, resources and materials available to meet student needs and strengths and how to determine when the child will be eligible to exit the program

6. 2010 Addendum

6.1. Uniform Definition of English Language Proficiency

6.1.1. A student who achieves a 5.0 composite proficiency level and a 4.2 composite literacy (writing/reading) proficiency level on the ACCESS is considered proficient and must be exited from the program

6.1.2. For up to 3 years after a student is found proficient and exits the program, parents can still request services but students are not entered into SIS