Advance your IT Career

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Advance your IT Career by Mind Map: Advance your IT Career

1. Expectations

1.1. Clarity of Expectations

1.1.1. Priotitize Expectations

1.1.2. Meet Expectations

1.1.3. Exceed Expectations

1.2. Employer

1.3. Peers

1.4. Clients

1.5. You!

1.5.1. Career Goals

1.5.2. Personal Goals

1.5.3. Community Goals

2. Be Great at Your Job!

2.1. Pride in your work: A must have.

2.2. Sharpen Skills by pursuing oppoprtunities

2.3. Expand your comfort zone to gain knowledge

2.4. Positive Attitude Required

3. The End Game

3.1. Your Customer

3.1.1. Clients Define Goals to Achieve Understand the Objectives Help them better Align IT with Business

3.1.2. Peers Internal Customer Teamwork Objectives Goal Setting

3.1.3. Boss

4. Add Value

4.1. Assignment Ending?

4.1.1. Finish Completely

4.1.2. Look for other opportunities Pipeline Projects Existing Projects-Healthy Existing Projects Healthy In Jeopardy

5. Feedback Feedback

5.1. Provide HONEST Feedback

5.2. Give Candid Insight

5.3. Stay Open to Feedback

5.3.1. Growth

5.3.2. Positive Feedback

5.3.3. Negative Feedback

6. Working Hours