LSCC Site Map

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LSCC Site Map by Mind Map: LSCC Site Map

1. Discover LSCC

1.1. Meet the President

1.2. Campus History

1.3. Mission, Vision & Goals/Indicators

1.4. Lawson State 2020

1.5. Accreditation Information

1.6. Calendar of Events

1.7. Campus Locations

1.7.1. Bessemer Campus

1.7.2. Birmingham Campus

1.8. Quality Enhancement Plan

1.9. Lawson State Facts

1.10. Public Relations

1.10.1. Services

1.10.2. Cougar Chronical

1.10.3. PR Staff

1.10.4. Contact Us

1.10.5. Schedule of Events

1.10.6. News Stories/Releases

1.10.7. Publications

1.10.8. Community Affairs

1.10.9. Services

1.10.10. Ambassadors

1.10.11. Foundation Board Alumni Feed the Cougar

1.10.12. Events Gallery

1.10.13. Request Information

1.10.14. Speakers Bureau

1.10.15. Privacy Policy

1.10.16. Archives

1.10.17. Request a Tour

1.11. Contact LSCC

1.12. Campus Maps and Directions

1.13. Consumer Information

1.14. Request a Tour

1.15. Tell A Friend about LSCC

1.16. Visitor Information

1.16.1. Visitors to Campus

1.16.2. Parking

1.16.3. Distribution of Flyers

1.17. Bid Information

1.17.1. Current Bids

1.17.2. Awarded Bids

1.17.3. Vendor Form

2. Admissions

2.1. Admissions Information

2.1.1. Accelerated High School and Dual Enrollment

2.1.2. Admission Procedures for All Students

2.1.3. Admissions Appeals

2.1.4. Admissions Staff

2.1.5. AP, CLEP and IB Information

2.1.6. Apply Now

2.1.7. Complete Application Online

2.1.8. Cost to Attend

2.1.9. First-Time Freshman Students

2.1.10. Financial Aid

2.1.11. Forms

2.1.12. GED Adult Education Admissions

2.1.13. Honors College

2.1.14. Important Dates

2.1.15. International Students

2.1.16. New Student Orientation

2.1.17. Non High School Graduates (ATB)

2.1.18. Readmission of Former Students

2.1.19. Student Suite (check your admission status online)

2.1.20. Testing and Assessment Services

2.1.21. Transfer Students

2.1.22. Transient Students

2.1.23. Tuition Management Systems (TMS)

2.2. General Information

2.2.1. Academic Calendar

2.2.2. Current College Catalog

2.2.3. Course Descriptions

2.2.4. Degrees/Certificates

2.2.5. President/Dean's List

2.2.6. Grades

2.2.7. GPA Calculator

2.2.8. AP, CLEP & IB Information

2.3. Registration and Student Records (Registrar) Information

2.3.1. Academic Calendar

2.3.2. Archived Catalogs (including Bessemer State Technical College)

2.3.3. Bookstore

2.3.4. Catalog and Student Handbook

2.3.5. Course Descriptions

2.3.6. Degrees/Certificates

2.3.7. e-Withdrawal (Withdrawal from a Class)

2.3.8. Exam Schedule

2.3.9. Forms

2.3.10. Financial Aid

2.3.11. GPA Calculator

2.3.12. Grades

2.3.13. Graduation Information

2.3.14. Important Dates

2.3.15. Parking Information

2.3.16. Placement Testing

2.3.17. Prepaid Tuition (PACT)

2.3.18. President's/Dean's Lists

2.3.19. Records/Registrar Staff

2.3.20. Register Now

2.3.21. Request a Transcript

2.3.22. Schedule of Classes

2.3.23. Scholarship Information

2.3.24. Student Records Policy (FERPA)

2.3.25. Tuition and Fees

3. Financial Aid

3.1. About Financial Aid

3.1.1. Lawson State Code 001059

3.1.2. Current Students

3.1.3. Parents

3.1.4. Prospective Students

3.2. Application Steps

3.2.1. Step 1 - How to Apply General Eligibility Requirements Beginning the Process E-mail from the US Department of Education FAFSA Results - The Student Air Report Record Keeping

3.2.2. Step 2 - Additional Documents Communication with the Office of Financial Aid and Missing Information Why Documentation is Needed Selection for Verification Exceptional Circumstances

3.2.3. Step 3 - Application Review Prospective Students Current Students Ineligibility of Certification Programs

3.2.4. Step 4 - How Aid is Awarded Financial Aid Awards - New Applications Financial Aid Awards - Continuing Students Eligibility for Financial Aid How Your Eligibility May be Affected Standard Cost of Education Notice of Ineligibility Adjustment to your Financial Award Declining or Reducing your Financial Aid Award Budgeting

3.2.5. Step 5 - Receiving Financial Aid Missing Information and Cashier's Holds Payment Tuition Management Late Fees Disbursement of Financial Aid and Scholarships Availability of Funds Methods of Receiving Financial Aid Funds Consequences of Dropping Credits Consequences of Changing FAFSA Data after Disbursement Refund Policy Withdrawing from Lawson State Withdrawals for Students Receiving Title IV Aid Specific Financial Liability Information about Withdrawal and Dropping Out

3.3. Support Resources

3.3.1. Borrowing and Financial Literature

3.3.2. Financial Aid Calculators

3.3.3. How to Request a Copy of Your Tax Return

3.3.4. Are You Required to File a Tax Return

3.3.5. NSLDS Student Access

3.3.6. Paying Your Bill

3.3.7. Scams and Identity Theft

3.3.8. Student Financial Services

3.4. Cost of Attendance

3.5. FAQs

3.6. Links

4. Student Services

4.1. Counseling

4.2. Testing and Assessment Services

4.2.1. Ability to Benefit

4.2.2. American College Test

4.2.3. Compass

4.2.4. GED Testing

4.2.5. TEAS Testing

4.2.6. Biology Placement

4.2.7. Authorized Testing Center

4.3. Alumni

4.4. Athletics

4.5. New Student Orientation

4.6. Student Recruitment

4.7. Student Health and Wellness

4.8. Student Discipline

4.8.1. File a Complaint/Concern

4.8.2. Report a Campus Incident

4.8.3. Student Code of Conduct

4.9. Housing and Residential Life

4.9.1. Application

4.9.2. Application Deadline

4.9.3. Residential Handbook

4.10. Career Services

4.10.1. Current Job Postings

4.11. Computer and Web

4.11.1. Blackboard

4.11.2. Online Student Accounts

4.11.3. Student E-mail FAQs

4.11.4. Technical Helpdesk

4.12. Social Media

4.12.1. Facebook

4.12.2. Twitter

4.12.3. YouTube

4.13. On-Campus Services

4.13.1. Bookstore

4.13.2. Cafeteria

4.13.3. Contact Us

4.13.4. ID Card Services

4.13.5. Security

4.13.6. Testing and Assessment Services Ability to Benefit American College Test Compass GED Testing TEAS Testing Biology Placement Authorized Testing Center

4.14. Support Resources

4.14.1. Disbility Services

4.14.2. Libraries

4.14.3. Online Resources

4.14.4. SPACE Center

4.14.5. Student Support Services Trio Bessemer Trio Birmingham Upward Bound

4.15. Student Activities and Organizations

4.15.1. Forms

4.15.2. Clubs and Organizations

4.15.3. Honor Societies

4.15.4. Student Government Association

5. Programs of Study

5.1. Meet the Vice President

5.2. Meet the Deans

5.3. Catalog and Student Handbook

5.4. CTEL Training Schedule

5.5. Honor's College

5.6. Locate My Advisor

5.7. STARS

5.8. Academic Division

5.8.1. General Education Competencies

5.8.2. Humanities

5.8.3. Social and Behavioral Sciences

5.8.4. Mathematics

5.8.5. Natural Sciences

5.8.6. Health and Physical Education

5.8.7. Discipline Pages Art Meet the Art Faculty Art Program of Study Art Course Descriptions Art Student Gallery Art Faculty Gallery Biology Meet the Biology Faculty Biology Program of Study Biology Course Descriptions Chemistry Meet the Chemistry Faculty Chemistry Program of Study Chemistry Course Descriptions Child Development Meet the Child Development Faculty Child Development Program of Study Child Development Course Descriptions Developmental Studies Meet the Developmental Studies Faculty Understanding My Placement Testing Policies and Regulations e2020 Developmental Course Descriptions Education Education Course Descriptions English Meet the English Faculty English Program of Study English Course Descriptions Geography Geography Course Descriptions Health Education Health Education Course Descriptions History Meet the History Faculty History Program of Study History Course Descriptions Human Services Human Services Course Descriptions Humanities Humanities Course Descriptions Mathematics Meet the Mathematics Faculty Mathematics Program of Study Mathematics Course Descriptions Music Meet the Music Faculty Music Program of Study Music Course Descriptions Orientation Meet the Orientation Faculty Orientation Purpose QEP Philosophy Philosophy Course Descriptions Physical Education Meet the Health and Physical Education Faculty Health and Physical Education Program of Study Health and Physical Education Course Descriptions Physical Science Physical Science Course Descriptions Physics Physics Course Descriptions Political Science Political Science Course Descriptions Psychology Meet the Psychology Faculty Psychology Program of Study Psychology Course Descriptions Reading Religion Course Descriptions Sociology Meet the Sociology Faculty Sociology Program of Study Sociology Work Course Descriptions Social Work Meet the Social Work Faculty Social Work Program of Study Social Work Course Descriptions Spanish Meet the Spanish Faculty Spanish Program of Study Spanish Course Descriptions Speech Meet the Speech Faculty Speech Course Descriptions

5.9. Technical Division

5.9.1. Automotive Programs

5.9.2. Building Trade Programs

5.9.3. Manufacturing Trade Programs

5.9.4. Occupational Trade Programs

5.9.5. Discipline Pages Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Meet the Faculty Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Programs of Study Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Course Descriptions Automotive Body/Collision Repair Meet the Faculty Automotive Body/Collision Repair Programs of Study Automotive Body/Collision Repair Course Descriptions Automotive Manufacturing Technology Automotive Manufacturing Technology Program of Study Automotive Manufacturing Technology Course Descriptions Automotive Mechanics Meet the Faculty Automotive Mechanics Program of Study Automotive Mechanics Course Descriptions Automotive Service Meet the Faculty Automotive Service Program of Study Automotive Service Course Descriptions Barbering Meet the Faculty Barbering Programs of Study Barbering Course Descriptions Building Construction Meet the Faculty Building Construction Program of Study Building Construction Course Descriptions Cabinetry Cabinetry Program of Study Cabinetry Course Descriptions Carpentry Carpentry Program of Study Carpentry Course Descriptions Commerical Art and Illustration Meet the Faculty Commercial Art and Illustration Programs of Study Commercial Art and Illustration Course Descriptions Commercial Foods/Culinary Arts Meet the Faculty Commercial Foods/Culinary Arts Program of Study Commercial Foods/Culinary Arts Course Descriptions Cosmetology Meet the Faculty Commercial Foods/Culinary Arts Program of Study Commercial Foods/Culinary Arts Program of Study Diesel - Medium/Heavy Truck Technician Meet the Faculty Diesel Programs of Study Diesel Course Descriptions Drafting and Design Meet the Faculty Drafting and Design Programs of Study Drafting and Design Course Descriptions Electronics/Electrical Meet the Faculty Electronics/Electrical Programs of Study Electronics/Electrical Course Descriptions Fire Science Fire Science Programs of Study Fire Science Course Descriptions Geographic Information Systems Meet the Faculty Geographic Information Systems Program of Study Geographic Information Systems Course Descriptions Graphics and Prepress Meet the Faculty Graphics and Prepress Programs of Study Graphics and Prepress Course Descriptions Industrial Maintenance Industrial Maintenance Program of Study Industrial Maintenance Course Descriptions Machine Tool Technology Machine Tool Program of Study Machine Tool Course Descriptions Plumbing Meet the Faculty Plumbing Program of Study Plumbing Course Descriptions Radio/TV Production Meet the Faculty Radio/TV Production Program of Study Radio/TV Production Course Descriptions Welding Meet the Faculty Welding Programs of Study Welding Course Descriptions

5.10. Health Sciences

5.10.1. Health Professions Overview

5.10.2. Nursing Student Handbook

5.10.3. Applications Associate Degree Nursing Dental Assistant Technician Pharmacy Technician Practical Nursing Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide

5.10.4. Discipline Pages Associate Degree Nursing Meet the Faculty Associate Degree Nursing Program of Study Associate Degree Nursing Course Descriptions Dental Assistant Technician Meet the Faculty Dental Assistant Technician Program of Study Dental Assistant Technician Course Descriptions Emergency Medical Technician Emergency Medical Technician Program of Study Emergency Medical Tehnician Course Descriptions Pharmacy Technician Meet the Faculty Pharmacy Technician Program of Study Pharmacy Technician Course Descriptions Practical Nursing Meet the Faculty Practical Nursing Program of Study Practical Nursing Course Description Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Program of Study Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Course Descriptions

5.11. Business Technologies

5.11.1. Meet the Faculty

5.11.2. Overview of the Division

5.11.3. Articulations

5.11.4. Partnerships/Affiliations

5.11.5. Advisory Committee

5.11.6. Authorized Testing Center

5.11.7. Internships

5.11.8. Technology Trends

5.11.9. Industry Certifications

5.11.10. Health Information Management

5.11.11. Areas of Study Accounting Business-AAS Business-AA Computer Science - Business Computer Science - Math Office Administration - General Office Administration - Legal Office Administration Medical Real Estate

5.11.12. Discipline Pages Accounting Accounting Program of Study Accounting Course Descriptions Certificates/Certifications Business - Associate in Applied Science Business Programs of Study Business Course Descriptions Certificates/Certifications Business - Associate in Arts Business Programs of Study - Business Administration Business Education Business Course Descriptions Certificates/Certifications Computer Science Computer Science Programs of Study - Business Option Computer Science Course Descriptions Certificates/Certifications Office Administration Office Administration Programs of Study - General Office Administration Course Descriptions Certificates/Certifications

5.11.13. Student Organizations

5.11.14. Kappa Beta Delta

5.11.15. Small Business Center

5.11.16. Distance Education

5.11.17. Occupational Handbook

5.11.18. Student Highlights

5.11.19. Scholarships

5.12. Student Resources

5.12.1. Blackboard

5.12.2. Calendar

5.12.3. Campus Security

5.12.4. Checklist

5.12.5. Disability Services

5.12.6. Download Software

5.12.7. Faculty and Staff

5.12.8. FAQs

5.12.9. Financial Aid

5.12.10. Graduation Information

5.12.11. Online Registration Process

5.12.12. Policies

5.12.13. Registration Tutorials

5.12.14. STARS

5.12.15. Student E-mail

5.12.16. Student Organizations

5.12.17. Student Suite

5.12.18. Transient Student Information

5.12.19. Tuition and Fees

5.12.20. Tuition Management System

5.13. Orientation to College

5.13.1. ORI101 - Learn About the Course

5.13.2. Who Needs to Enroll?

5.13.3. The Freshman Experience

5.13.4. Meet the Fame Instructors

5.13.5. Quality Enhancement Plan

5.14. Library Services

5.15. SPACE Center

5.16. Academic Calendar

5.17. Final Exam Schedule

5.18. Current Catalog and Student Handbook

5.19. Bookstore

5.19.1. Maps/Locations

5.19.2. Hours of Operation Birmingham Campus Bessemer Campus

5.19.3. Contact Information

5.19.4. Online Buyback Bessemer Campus Birmingham Campus

5.19.5. Textbook Rental Bessemer Campus Birmingham Campus

5.19.6. Credit Cards Accepted Discover MasterCard Visa American Express

5.19.7. Academic Calendar

5.19.8. Textbook Price List/ISBN List Bessemer Campus Birmingham Campus HVAC Reference List

6. Athletics

6.1. Meet the Athletic Director

6.2. Tour Athletic Facilities

6.3. Baseball

6.3.1. Quick Facts

6.3.2. Schedule/Results

6.3.3. Roster

6.3.4. Coach

6.3.5. ACCC Sports

6.3.6. NJCAA

6.3.7. News

6.3.8. Camps

6.3.9. Image Gallery

6.4. Men's Basketball

6.4.1. Quick Facts

6.4.2. Schedule/Results

6.4.3. Roster

6.4.4. Coach

6.4.5. ACCC Sports

6.4.6. NJCAA

6.4.7. News

6.4.8. Camps

6.4.9. Image Gallery

6.5. Women's Basketball

6.5.1. Quick Facts

6.5.2. Schedule/Results

6.5.3. Roster

6.5.4. Coach

6.5.5. ACCC Sports

6.5.6. NJCAA Sports

6.5.7. News

6.5.8. Camps

6.5.9. Image Gallery

6.6. Cheerleaders

6.6.1. Roster

6.6.2. Image Gallery

6.7. Dance Team

6.7.1. Roster

6.7.2. Image Gallery

7. Human Resources

7.1. Benefits

7.2. Employee Bulletin Board

7.3. Employee Policies and Procedures

7.4. Employment Opportunities

7.5. FAQs

7.6. Helpful Links

7.7. HR Forms

7.8. New Employees

7.9. Personnel Directory

7.10. Professional Development

7.11. Employee Highlights

7.12. FMLA