My Degree & Life

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My Degree & Life by Mind Map: My Degree & Life

1. Business

1.1. What are my business goals?

1.2. Get my LP[N

1.3. Get my RN

1.4. Get my APN

2. Family

2.1. How can I spend more quality time with the family?

2.2. Plan activites with my family

2.3. Have family dinner

3. Health

3.1. What can I do to improve my overall health?

3.2. Exercise

3.3. Eat Healthy

4. Career

4.1. Nursing Degree

4.2. Delaware Tech

4.3. Beebe School of Nursing

4.4. Wilmington University BA

5. Colleges

5.1. Each schools Benefits

5.2. Getting on the list for clinicals

5.3. No waiting list

5.4. 8 Classes for BA