Project Hawk™ Company Map

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Project Hawk™ Company Map by Mind Map: Project Hawk™ Company Map

1. Production Hakan 'Hawk'

1.1. Planning

1.1.1. Research & Development

1.1.2. Analysis

1.2. Business Development

1.2.1. Sales & Marketing Attract New Clients Make Sales to existing clients CRM Track Leads Follow up on leads every 30 days. Data entry & Status updates Manage contact info and transfer into BaseCRM Distribute Specials by Email/Mailer Plan, Promote, & Conduct Events Webinars Trade Shows Workshops Speaking Engagements In The Field Sales Process Sales on the spot using your phone, tablet or laptop Product/Services Memberships Events Coaching Sessions Sponsor Experts.

1.2.2. PR & SM Sites Facebook Twitter Linkedin Yelp Pintrest Instagram Local Ads Magazines newspapers direct mailers Daily communications 7 Types of Postings Per Day Encourage Clients to interact on SM. Create conversations Answer questions Reach out to make sales Get Tesimonials Get Feedback Collect Contact info Events Promotions deals conversations newsletter Stay current on industry standards Tehnologies Techniques Practices Pricing competitors Local news Industry news relevant content interesting articles Update website Tips Related content special trickds saving money news Track analytics Demographics Age Income Sex Location interests/hobbies everything Research competitors Track market trends areas of interest interations Press Release PRweb Wordpress

1.2.3. Research struggling companies

1.2.4. Contact CXO/Sr Exc.s Schedule a meeting Travel to Clients Location

1.2.5. Prepare documentation Proposals Interview preps Market/Project research

2. Member Services Mr. & Mrs. Moses

2.1. ProjectSuccess Manager

2.1.1. 1. Planning Business Plan Marketing Plan Organization/Location Plan Financial Plan Business Goals Product/Service Plan SMAART Specific Measurable Atttainable Ambitious Reason/Reward Time/Timely

2.1.2. 2. Research Case Studies External Research Internal Research Primary Research Secondary Research Surveys Lab Research

2.1.3. 3. Development Resources Target Segmanetation Product Desgn Cost & Pricing Partnerships Labor Management Web

2.1.4. 4. Testing Test Groups Product Testing Cost Benefit Function Testing Design Testing Market Testing Surveys

2.1.5. 5. Presentation Customer Funding Videos PowerPoints Webiste Production Company Ads

2.1.6. 6. Implementation Marketing Plan Social Media Partnerhsips Press Release Email Marketing CRM Invoicing & Billing

2.1.7. 7. Production IP, ™, Patents, © Design Manufacturing Licensing Target Market Distribution Website

2.1.8. 8. Expansion New Location New Product/Service Market Penetration Market Development Market Transition Product Development 1. Planning

2.2. Membership Manager

2.2.1. C.E.O. Members Entrepreneur Startup Weekly Support Call up to 4% Credit Back 20% Member Discount 180 Money Back Guarantee 1 Hour Online Support Lunch & Learn

2.3. Resource Manager/ Business Directory

2.4. Online Support Manager

2.4.1. Chat Support Email & Google+ Chat

2.4.2. Video Chat Support Google+ Hangout Skype

2.4.3. Tech Support GoogleApps Suite

2.4.4. Password Support Reset Password YOUR PHONE #

3. Gov. Affairs W.E.M.

3.1. Legal

3.1.1. Corp

3.1.2. Documents

3.1.3. Lic. & Regulations

3.1.4. Patent, ™, ©, & IP

3.2. Finance

3.2.1. Accounting

3.2.2. Taxes

3.3. Insurances State Farm Jason Smith

3.3.1. Business Iability

3.3.2. Health

3.3.3. Work Comp

3.3.4. D.I.

3.3.5. Personal Auto Home Life Computer D.I.

3.3.6. Work Auto

3.3.7. Life

3.3.8. Computer/Phone

3.4. Investors/Lenders

4. Human Resources

4.1. Administration

4.1.1. Scheduling

4.1.2. Performance Reviews

4.1.3. Terminations

4.1.4. Account Access

4.2. Payroll/Benefits

4.2.1. Attendance Logs

4.2.2. Commissions

4.2.3. Vacations

4.3. Staffing

4.3.1. Hiring/Firing

4.3.2. Internship

4.3.3. Service Department Staffing Liaison

4.4. Hiring Process (/w Training)

5. Leadership Development

5.1. Quarterly Training Requirment

5.2. Course Schedule

5.3. Employee reimbursement allowance

6. Legend

6.1. Rating

6.1.1. ok

6.1.2. worth to see

6.1.3. still unsure

6.1.4. not ok

6.2. Actions performed

6.2.1. sent email

6.2.2. had interview

6.3. Decision

6.3.1. candidate has cancelled

6.3.2. candidate has approved

6.3.3. candidate is still unsure

6.4. Position

6.4.1. V.P.

6.4.2. Executive Director

6.4.3. Supervisor/Manager

6.4.4. Specialists

6.4.5. Intern

6.5. Employee

6.5.1. Fired

7. Other